Campfire Storytellers


We have always told stories. Initially, in the gloom of our caves, by dying light, told by some primitive hunter with eyes lit with his own tale. Or on the walls of the caves in the form of drawings scratched on the walls; men chasing animals, men spearing animals, men dancing. Or, more recently, in the recesses of mud-thatched kitchens where children would gather around fires after dinner, settling at the gnarled feet of grandmothers, listening to vivid lore. With mouths open. They were myths and fables, ghost tales and hero tales, tales of adventure and fairy tales. These stories preserved culture, reflected wisdom, taught and validated and explained events. These stories gave our people context. And we were a product of our stories.

Now we have the internet; big, wide and bottomless internet that keeps coming at us like a moving shadow. We don’t sit around fires anymore, we sit around the internet and around our books. And we tell our own stories, read by men and women, some of whom we will never meet. He who owns his story, dictates how he is seen. (I just came up with that now).

Campfire Storytellers is crafted from this premise. At Campfire we offer the opportunity for you – company, NGO or individual – to tell your stories. We hate to call it “training” or “workshop” because then that means we have to think of tea breaks and someone seated at the back stifling a yawn. So we call it Campfire, a place of warmth and familiarity. A place of stories.

We believe that everybody has a story but not everybody can naturally tell a story. But everybody needs to find out which boat they sail in. At Campfire Storytellers we gather around and we share tools and experiences on how to turn you into an intrepid storyteller. We arm you with the tools to not only identify a story but also how to tell it in a way that our grandmothers told their stories. Memorable. Alive. Authentic.

We have lit the fire, gather around and light your own fire within yourself.

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  1. How do i sign up where for a place for a name my grandson already has it laid for me; O-M-A-R and then guides me “press keyboard Enter!

  2. How to tell a story is really important, a few weeks ago I just came across: “A tale of two MBAs by Neil Bearden” and decided I need to sharpen my story telling skills.

    How will this work? In person workshop/seminars or there are options for long distance learners?

    1. Hi @JP, are you asking for a team set up or are you looking to sign up just yourself? At the moment, it is set up for in-person sessions. The team is working on logistics for long distance sessions so we’ll definitely give you a head’s up when that’s settled.

  3. I need to learn how to tell a story, so that someone can listen to my story. Because I want someone to listen, I have alot to say. Where and how do we register?

  4. Great stuff , this link has been shared by a friend who’s been nudging me to write….am guessing she’s tired of being subtle. Thank you Josephine.

    Where do i sign up?

    1. Hi Lilly, it’s simple: let drunk admin know by dropping an email to and point out if it’s for you or if you have a team that is interested. She’ll hook you up with everything from there.

    1. Hi Namwano. Jump in! Drop an email to Drunk admin at, let her know if you are looking to join for just yourself or for your team and she’ll give you deets on next steps and welcome to class.