Lights On

Not Gonna Start A War


Kids. What an unending paradox. My son, 6, can never sit still. He constantly wants to challenge time. He wants to leave the room. Now. His legs jerk under tables. He paces around while we wait; standing on tiptoes …

Hats On


This is not another Kibera story. Nobody needs another Kibera story. Not another bleeding-heart story of desperation and hopelessness in a wasteland that seems like faraway land, a mysterious place where the sun meets the land. Does anybody need …

Better Half


I once dated this girl who smoked. Dunhills.  She always smelled of cigarettes and perfume. She lived in a house that had a tree branch that peeked into the balcony. I found it distracting and I offered to cut …

What Stirs You?


The first thing that stirred her was her upbringing, growing up like an Indian; in a knot of relations. In an old four-bedroom mansion in Parklands with big windows and a restored roof. A house with an old carpet …

Sink And A Mirror


The guy on the right has never eaten chicken in his life. He doesn’t know what chicken tastes like. He doesn’t eat chicken. He also doesn’t eat fish. Or meat. He doesn’t know the pleasure of the first sip …