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We had a few hours to burn at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul. The chap I was travelling with, Shukri Adan of Turkish Airlines, looked at his watch and said, “I will be at the bookstore,

Books and Random Things

I interview John Sibi Okumu in his house, up in his study which sits in an  attic, where the roof plunges and rises like a wave. His whole study is a woodland of books.

Drink To These Books

My dad has no sense of humor. He will turn on the charm when he wants to, but he lacks a single funny bone in his body. I can picture him in his younger years,

10 (Kinda) Snappy Book Reviews

DROWN – by Junot Diaz

Junot is the shit. And not just because he earned a Pulitzer for his first book – The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao – which I’m currently reading,

A short book review in one (long) paragraph

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A quarter-way through Herman Koch’s book, THE DINNER, you will suspect you don’t like the main character Paul very much. Halfway through you will be certain he’s a dick. And just as you are struggling with this conclusion,

I spoke of “crazy women” while reviewing a book, now look what happened

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The definition of “crazy” in show business is a woman who keeps talking even after no one wants to fuck her anymore.’ – Tina Fey

pissed me off.