Drink To These Books


My dad has no sense of humor. He will turn on the charm when he wants to, but he lacks a single funny bone in his body. I can picture him in his younger years, in the 60’s, sporting his long beard, walking around with his afro, his bellbottoms sweeping his path, playing football in the evenings and inhaling his numerous pan-African literatures by his gramophone that streams T.P OK Jazz.

Then God looked down at him and rolled his eyes at Angel Gabriel and said, “Gabby, look at Mr. Ougo down there, getting doleful in his books about Kwame Nkrumah. What do we do with this chap to lighten his life?”

Angel Gabriel stared at my dad then turned to God and asked, “Where did you learn that?”

And God was like, “Learn what?”

“That word, doleful.”

“My God, are you serious with your life now?”

And Angel Gabriel laughed, “I love when you say that, ati Oh my God! You are God in case you didn’t notice!”

And God ignored him and said, “No really, like how is doleful a big word to learn? How did we get here where doleful is suddenly a big word you need to look up, Gabby? Pick up a book sometime.”

“I always pick a book; the Bible!”

“Oh wow, a cookie for Gabriel over there! Now back to Ougo down there, what gives?”

“Remember that hot mami who last week was praying for a God fearing man – “

God chuckled. “God fearing? Everybody fears me, Gabby, I don’t understand when women send prayers up here saying they would like a ‘God fearing man-”

“Anyway, so there was that chick who sent a prayer last week, the funny one -”

“Forehead Jane? Oh Jane is hysterical… ”

“Yeah, Jane is a laugh, isn’t she? Then there was the other one with long legs, the one whose father broke his arm in that ditch while chasing that stray Billy Goat?”

“Which one? The one who likes ndumas?”

“No, achana with that one. You don’t remember that chick who’s dad went to the pastor and said she had a dream the whole village will be wiped off in floods if they all don’t repent and pay tithe?”

“Hehehe. Ohhhh….Philgona?. That chick is crazy. No. Ougo probably needs Jane. Send Jane his way. How old is Jane now anyway?”


“She’s ready. Si that’s settled? Ati you were saying doleful is a big word you guy, wait until I use Licentious on you…”

And just like that my mom – pretty and very funny Jane- was sent into my dad’s humorless life.

I don’t know how you grew up, how your childhood was, but given some of your needy Facebook activities I can only imagine, but growing up I remember that every Sunday my folks would sleep in (we are SDA) and whenever I passed their bedroom I would hear deep murmurs from behind the door. Like disemboweled voices coming from the bottom of the sea. There was the distinct deep male grumble coming from my dad and the slightly lower voice from my mom, and those voices would ebb and rise like a tide, mostly with the lower voice droning on more (naturally) and the deeper voice chipping in once in awhile. Sometimes there would be a ripple of deep laughter, mostly from my dad because Mum was the funny one. Occasionally I could hear my mom’s laughter, hearty and resistant, because when funny people laugh at a good joke, they seem to laugh hesitantly, like they can’t believe that joke didn’t come from them. They would talk in there for hours and then my mom would come out first, leso around her waist, a smile on her face and she would ask, “Usemadho chai?” and we had because Sundays was mostly the day for eggs and if we were very lucky, sausages. Nowadays kids sulk when there is no sausage or bacon! Oh how times change.

I often wondered what they discussed those mornings. I bet – knowing how my mom was – they were discussing some relatives, his side mostly. She always made fun of his relatives, in that tongue-in-cheek way that made him laugh. And then made fun of him, he was an easy target of her quips because sometimes he didn’t even catch the jokes.. But she was also wiser than my dad (aren’t all women?) and perhaps that’s when she put things in perspective for him, told him how to handle us, or gave him advice on a project he was undertaking, or provided a third eye on some professional insight and I pictured dad lying back in bed, the duvet riding half way up his body, his head propped against the pillow on the headboard, playing with his beard and staring at the ceiling, and occasionally at her, in deep contemplation, acting like he was considering her insight when he knew he would take her advice because it was smarter than all the other options he had heard & considered. He would be told how to handle a teenager (one of us) and he would listen and then when he opened the bedroom door, barechested and with only a faded towel around his torso, his midsection long softened by age he would go and stand over at the sink and fill it with water and using Bic Blade ran it over his foamy chin while telling me something ominous like, “you can never have a decent life in future if you don’t take your studies seriously. Your grades in maths need a lot of consideration on your part…books are the only way out,” then turn to stare at me briefly as I stood by the window, the morning light on one side of my face, and wondered if they had been discussing me inside there.

I always wondered what they murmured about during all those Sunday mornings.

Still on books. You know how you walk into a bar, a freaking bar, at 5.30pm when the tables are all empty and the music is dead and the waiters are all out back in a cluster being given their pep-talk by the managers and you find this girl seated at the counter, wearing a jean-jacket, a flowy white skirt with her legs crossed showing just the right revelation of nakedness of the beginnings of her thighs and the lovely dying light of the evening is falling on half her face and her head is bent – as if weighed down by the story – into this book, gobbling up the plot as her half-finished glass of rose waits patiently by her side. You want to ask her, “What does this moment mean for you, right here, right now, with that book and this light in your face, what does it mean?” But you can’t ask because you can’t intrude on that private  book moment.

Or when you are in those massive airport bookshops because those places draw you in with a weird chasm and when you walk around the shelves and shelves of books, you see this elderly gentleman standing at the inspiration and self-development section of books, reading glasses perched on his nose, and he’s completely blocked out all the hubbub around him intently reading a page and you want to ask him, “Sir, what specific thing are you looking for in that self-help book at this point in your life? What part of your life do you need developed right now?” And that would open a powerful conversation about life -his life – and all the things he did wrong and things he wished he would have done and how he’s righting the wrongs now through books and deeds and thoughts. But of course you can’t ask him because you’re in Charles de Gaulle airport and the French obstinately refuse to speak English to you, not in France at least. Besides the only French you know is Mon Cherie and you can’t break the ice with an elderly gentleman using those words.

There is a page I follow on Instagram, It’s called @HotDudesReading. I know. Hehe. Hang on, I know how that sounds, it sounds like I’m deep in the closet, right? That I – Chocolate Man – secretly stare at hot men on Instagram. I’m not going to comment on that even. (Nairobi speak? Even.)  So anyway, this IG page is run by this chic who takes pictures of hot guys on New York Subways and writes these funny captions. It’s lustful and funny and creative and I find myself trying to find these book titles that people many worlds away have read in bookshops. Check it out. You haven’t seen so many men read.

The holidays are here and now I’m wondering if you have a book for the holidays, because we work our asses to the bone the whole year and when this time rolls around, we need to chill and pat ourselves on the back. Which means we only need two things, a book and a drink.

If you don’t know what book to get for yourself or your woman or your guy, here are five of my recommended reads:

“Through My African Eyes – Jeff Koinange.

“The Book Thief,”  -Markus Zusak

The Goldfinch – Dorna Tartt

“Half of a yellow sun” – Chimamanda Ngozi

“Brief History of 7 killings,” – James Marlon

These books are at Bookstop Yaya. If you go and ask Chan and request to either buy or talk about any of these books above, Chan will be more than happy to engage you. He will also pour a glass of whisky for you and you guys can chat about these books and any other book, because what is better than talking about books with a fine drink in your hand?

Downstairs, right at the entrance of Yaya you will also see a Chivas Gentleman’s Lounge set up, today from 4:30pm and everyday until Friday you can join us for a chat and a drink. We will be giving away some of these books mentioned for free, if we like your shoes. Or hairstyle. Or if you don’t make a face when you sip your whisky neat.

But should you not fancy any of these books above, you can write a comment here and ask for a book and Mwangi from Bookstop will reply if they have it and you can go right to Bookstop and pick it. You will probably find us there with a drink in our hand.

See you later?

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  1. Ok I was reading that conversation between Angel Gabby and God laughing my balding head off then a Negev coughs nearby halting it

  2. I always have this chuckle when i get the ‘You got mail’ from Bikozulu and everything else comes to a standstill.I can bet my bonus this year, this is repeated in thousands of offices, accounts guys trying so hard to balance those statements and as soon as the mail checks in, aha…the statement can wait. HR guys busy planning the end year party and as soon as Bikozulu checks in, you can see the glow on their faces..Lol, abstract thoughts. My Christmas wish is ” The Alchemist- Paul Coelho. The unabridged version.

    1. I was just at the middle of Vendor Ethical Sourcing Risk Analysis when the mail checked in —I cannot even recollect my thoughts after this. I am now listing the books, Eeish Biko!

    2. True. Every time I get a notification that there’s new article from Bikozulu. Everything else can wait. Good stuff Biko.

          1. Am tempted to ask whether people sometimes get carried away and actually drink a little too much Whisky. Or the sessions don’t last long enough to get people tipsy?

  3. we are so far gone in our pursuits that we forget there is a thing or two to be obtained during this holiday season.nice of you to suggest a few names but it would be nicer had you suggested the whisky to go with the book.i fear god may thunder what the devil was that at your prefernce

  4. yeah Biko, whats with ladys wanting a God fearing man. i mean, who in his right mind doesn’t fear God!! i think they should be more specific like, ” i want a church going man”. then over half of us would be off their list.

  5. That I – Chocolate Man – secretly stare at hot men on Instagram. I’m not going to comment on that even. (Nairobi speak? Even.) That got me laughing hard.
    Great read as always chocolate man.
    Through my African eyes by Jeff is a great book

  6. Would love to own Unbowed:
    A Memoir / Autobiography by Wangari Maathai.
    Heard it on radio, KBC on those deserted
    afternoons but some flying doctors and military
    planes were renting the air, couldn’t enjoy the audio..

  7. There is a page I follow on Instagram, It’s called @HotDudesReading. I know. Hehe. Hang on, I know how that sounds, it sounds like I’m deep in the closet, right? That I – Chocolate Man – secretly stare at hot men on Instagram.
    This is my highlight, kujichocha kwa chocolate man

  8. Nice read! Definitely went straight to IG to follow @HotDudesReading

    Biko, I have a question. You have fans in Mombasa who like reading and because we are Kenyans (please don’t bring up the Pwani si Kenya story here) and we also like freebies, when will you and Chivas Gentleman’s Lounge come down to Mombasa? We will drink your whisky too, it’s different from our madafu, but we will drink it and talk about books, maybe The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini even. Hehehehe.

        1. I loved ‘a thousand splendid suns’. I’m now looking around for Khoseini’s other titles ‘kite runner’ & ‘and the mountains echoed’

          *as always great piece Biko!

  9. half of a yellow sun is the most awesome of them all.I guess we need more of that stuff and hey Biko it is not a sin to stare at hot men because you are a man,Angel Gabriel agrees with me..

    1. Hey, Nduta. We don’t have it at the moment. But our January New Year stock will have it at the very top of the pile.

      1. Hi Mwangi from the bookshop
        I had to look for this post to get your address, please give me a way i can reach you as i have a number of books i am looking for,

  10. If anyone is ever interested in old American wild west.try Lonesome Dove by Larry Mcmurtry .thats a book you can never forget..

  11. @HotDudesReading errr, ahem !I follow Brock O’Horn coz that page tries to satisfy some insatiable desire of perfection , but then i stumbled upon @HotDudesReading ! I felt this world is fair and that am not crazy thinking that there exists near perfection .

  12. I would like to read Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi.
    But the Gentleman’s Lounge automatically locks out any 22 year old college girls.

    1. Hey Wanyuru, i could bless a sister, i have it in my collection and could not go past page 2, so hey merry Christmas and happy new year to you

  13. Great recommendations Biko, The Goldfinch and The Book Thief were also my personal favorites this year, along with One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest by Ken Kesey and The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. Just a question, this chat and drink at 4.30pm at Yaya, is it for gentlemen only?

  14. I didn’t see Chimamanda Adichie’s Americanah, or ‘We should all be Feminists’ but at least you have ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ there. My favourite author……..I dare you to try her, you will be hooked for life!

    1. you beat me to it, was going through the comments to be first lol…am currently reading americanal…so there you go chocolate man.

      1. Wagaki, hahahaha! Once you are done with Americanah, you will be hunting down Chimamandah Ngozi Adichie for a hug! She is awesome!

  15. I’ll definitely grab one of those books for a read. That Angel Gabriel conversation has just left me cracking up.

  16. Mr.Mwangi let me know;will definitely pass by this Friday as I begin my annual leave-this book “Adultery” by Paul Coelho…… and the sea, sand and sun will be enough together with my family at the coast.

    1. I hope you have not yet bought “Adultery”. I know to each his/her own, but if I could give my point of view, that book is not worth all the hype. Invest in another book.

  17. hi Biko,you are aware down at the coast we have very poor reading habits? Please consider a similar arrangement here?Please?

  18. Is this really happening? Just mention a book and you can have it? FOR FREE? AS A GIFT? holy!! *insert ululations and starry eyes* if it is so, I would love to get my hands on Stories of our lives – The Nest and The book thief – Markus Zukas

  19. Always on point, the Gabby and God conversations are just too
    hilarious i imagine that is how they discuss our prayer petitions up there!I hope Mwangi today will help me find ”All the light we cannot see – Anthony Doerr” and definitely catch a drink…

  20. Is this really happening? just mention a book and you get it? FOR FREE? AS A GIFT? HOLY! if that is so, I would love to get my hands on Stories of our lives – The Nest and The book thief – Markus zukas, how about it Mwangi?

  21. The book thief was a phenomenal book and finally someone combines two of my favourite hobbies 🙂 I have been following hot dudes reading and I find nothing weird in men following that account. Your mum and dad sound like my folks years back but my dad was the funny one

  22. Thanks Biko for the recommendation will definitely pick up JK’s book. I look forward to the whiskey I have had a long day.
    Have a blessed Holiday Biko or are we expecting another article before year end? Ur 2015 goals had included something to do with interviewing UK. Did I finally meet the president?

  23. I find Paulo Coehlo very intriguing…so after years of reading his books I finally went out and bought his biography. As I am reading this book in the matatu on my way home, my colleague dare asks me ‘why would you buy something you can read off Google?”

  24. I love me a man who reads more than the sports illustrated… Happy holidays and a toast to a good book… What the dog saw by Malcolm Gladwell on my mind.

  25. this book, The long walk by Stephen king. Read in one of your article. Been looking for it since. I can’t seem to find anywhere in town….

    1. Teddy,its part of a short story collection called ‘The Bachman books’. If you cannot get it pls hit me up and will swing you my copy…christmas cheer and all that muck..

    2. One of my favourite Stephen Kings is The Dead Zone. Lakini I stopped reading him after Dreamcatcher was giving me day nightmares. He.

  26. Half of a yellow sun is the ish! My wish this christmas is:Through my african by Jeff Koinange. I would love to join you at the Gentlemen’s lounge but I am not in Nairobi…can I still win a book if I am with you in spirit?

  27. My Grandfather gave me 4 books when I was 16yrs: Mariam Ba’s So Long A letter, Encounters from Africa, Bessie Head’s When rain Clouds Gather and Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye’s the Present Moment. Someone swipped them from my Library. I can’t make it for the Whiskey but any chance Mwangi could ship me a copy of Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye’s the Present Moment?

  28. That conversation between God and angel Gabby is rib-cracking…
    …..if we like your shoes,real?? Biko you are such hilarious!

  29. Definitely showing up at the Chivas Lounge. I have been looking for Diary of a Young Girl by Ann Frank and Desert Flower by Waris Dirie

  30. I first encountered chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on TED…..the danger of a single story it was awesome. Then I watched half of a yellow sun…the movie. Damn, I can’t wait to read it. Thx Biko for your articles, u make life tastier n spicier

  31. Atlast: I’ve been looking for the second book in the series, “the Wall of Night” Title: Gathering of the lost by Hellen Lowe. Can I get it at the bookshop? And whats the cost?

  32. The conversation between Gabby and God is really fun. Anyways, Bookstop Yaya center has friendly staff. Have bought a couple of copies there. Should come for the free copies. Mwangi, I am looking for Kafka on the shore by Haruki Murakami. Do you have any copies?

  33. I love books but not a fan of whisky #majorDilema. Still reading the Goldfinch.. Really good story.long though… @mwangi do you have Wild by Cheryl Strayed…?a must read for all women.I want to gift it to a friend.

  34. One of the books I would recommend to anyone is ‘Brothers by Yu Huan.’ the best novel I’ve read this year, funny, sad and annoying all at once. Feelings only a book can make you have. And now I need to get this ‘All the light we cannot see’ you keep moaning about.

  35. My afternoon’s made! Thanks for sharing that link (@HotDudesReading); It’s now difficult to judge you. Fingers crossed, your gentleman’s lounge turns out to be anything 😉 {*only following your lead}

  36. Nice read Biko; could you guys be having “Are you there God, it’s me Margret”…Am looking for that book, am also looking for friends (from this forum) we can do some serious reading adventures with…

      1. Minto, none of those book’s is available at the moment, but we shall include them in our next stock. Pass by January

  37. Biko nice read,Sasa peeps from Msa like me need such gigs tafadhali.Won’t mind any one of the listed 5 as a gift :)you can make use of courier services.cheers

  38. I have read Half of Yellow sun and the Book thief just finished (which I would add was an incredible book to read). Wish I was in Nairobi though so I could join in the whisky and reading. I have my bookshelf piled up for the holidays, but will have to add Jeff Koinages book. Happy reading all.

  39. Guys guys guys, could someone be sending me an sms when a new post comes up 😮 I cant be commenting as the 73rd person!!! Jeez!!! That’s too far!!!!

  40. nice piece as always… hey biko i jus turned 21…it really doesnt feel any different bt i would be happy if you recommended a nice book for me to read.am startin life now.i can drink whisky now.

  41. This year I read n liked ‘Wildflower’ by Mark Seal. (it tells the story of Joan Root-the conservationist who lived [n loved] Naivasha) currently reading ‘Zanzibar Chest’ by Aidan Hartley. Great read too!

  42. I love books but there is a thing about me and inspiration stuff.they never augur.but any fiction by sidney Sheldon esp the one co-authored by tilly Bagshawe would be terrific

  43. I always enjoy reading your stories. Your folks must have been very hip for them to avail eggs and sausages for breakfast. Kwetu sausages were for special occasions.
    Mwangi, I would do anything for a copy of “East African: An Airline Story” by Peter J Davis

    1. Mama C, Yes. We do have all his titles.
      Link, Secret, Maps, Knots and Gift go for 1,900/- each.
      Hiding in Plain Sight goes for 1,500/-
      and Crossbones goes for 3,000/-

  44. Mwangi are the following available at your store:
    The dinner by Herman Koch,Man and Boy by Tony Parsons and Lolita by Vladimir Nabovok

    1. Shogun is by James Clavell. Over 1000 pages of a story which engrosses me every time I read it. I also recommend King Rat by Clavell, his fictionalized story of his life as a POW during the war with Japan.

  45. I am that chick with a book, and yes please do not interrupt. The best books I have read this year are Ken Follets Century Trilogy and Jeffery Archers Clifton Chronicles. I am currently reading the Pillars of the Earth for the nth time. So I agree, books are life!

  46. Hey Mwangi, by any chance do you habe Passion and Purity by Elizabeth Taylor,i’ve been looking for it for about 3 years now.

    Biko sisi watu hatunywi whiskey itakuwaje?

    1. Rhenadhis, we don’t have that particular title at the moment. But all other book’s by Elizabeth Taylor are available.

  47. Hey Mwangi. I knew your name would be mentioned My list: Angela’s Ashes – Frank McCourt; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson; The Help – Kathryn Stockett and So Long a Letter – Mariama Ba. I will do a happy dance complete with ululation if you get me the latter. Do also stock more of PG Wodehouse. Will come get me a few from Biko’s list. Many thanks

    1. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is also very much available. As well as The Help, So Long a Letter and every book by Wodehouse.

  48. First things first, I evidently need to have words with Chan, kumbe he serves guys whisky? I guess I do not rank high on his scale after all these years.
    Secondly, as intriguing as that Instagram page sounds, how the hell are some of us expected to even search. Typing that name in the search page on IG just doesnt seem feasible.
    Anyway great article, Bookstop does a fantastic job of keeping one updated on books. Kindle just doesnt quite cut if for absolute reading pleasure in my opinion.

  49. Good Morning Mr. Mwangi. Do you have The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde? Amazing book been looking for it but can’t seem to find it.

    1. Good Morning, Bitutu. The Picture of Dorian Gray is among our enormous collections of all time classics. We definitely have it.

  50. It’s hilarious how you have those conversations in your head on God and Angel Gabriel….. It’s a nice read though

  51. Just asking, is there a lower age limit for entry into the Gentlemen’s Lounge and Mr.Mwangi do you have the Art of War by Sun Tzu?

  52. Mwangi from bookshop i need to buy “roots” for my dad. please let me know if you have it in stock. if you dont please tell me you know a guy that knows a guy

  53. Yes. We do have all his titles.
    Link, Secret, Maps, Knots and Gift go for 1,900/- each.
    Hiding in Plain Sight goes for 1,500/-
    and Crossbones goes for 3,000/-

  54. Biko! Some of us are recovering (read novels) book addicts!!! The last time you suggested I get my girl a book, I ended up with the whole lot, which I gobbled up in a month (she’s two down – Adultery and The Colour Purple – and now working her way through Lean In)!!!
    Now, Mwangi please reserve the five Biko suggestions for me, ask Chan to find me a tumbler (class ni darasa!), and I will be there in 30 mins. Also, I missed Bossy Pants by Tina Fey last time so please throw in that as well.
    So much for my plans to catch up on some work this Christmas!! Darn the Chocolate Man (whose cookie minutes, incidentally and despite the denials, were expended in Bangkok!)

  55. But Biko these were my 2015 books, please write an article on what to read in 2016.

    And why our parents so focused on our Maths grades. My folks never cared about what I got in Swahili but Maths… the whole village would be called for a meeting if I got a less than the set grades

  56. I thought you are married?
    Let me help you Mr.chocolate man
    “I often wondered what they discussed those mornings”.

    Answer:”Whenever I passed their bedroom I would hear deep murmurs from behind the door. Like disemboweled voices coming from the bottom of the sea. There was the distinct deep male grumble coming from my dad and the slightly lower voice from my mom, and those voices would ebb and rise like a tide”

    Underline-disemboweled voices ,grumble and ebb and rise like a tide

      1. This might sound like a strange request but i need Otieno Achach i dont know the authro but I read it as a kid and I have been looking for it for ages, I also need African short stories and Who sill cry wen you die?

  57. My parents also talked in the morning. I wonder why I don’t… Maybe it came with that generation. But it was one thing I always admired.

  58. Mwangi,do you have The lady and the unicorn by Tracy Chevalier?
    Biko those books you have recommended I have read three of them,simply undownputtables!
    Somebody read ,The glass castle by Jeanette Walls,it’s an amazing book.

  59. Biko, thanks for the great suggestions, I was wondering, apart from the Caine Prize-short stories kindly recommend other books that are a collection of short stories that one could read when you are in the mood to story hop,I like them for when I’m travelling because after each story you can look up and out of the window and reflect on the lives of the characters and before you know it you are in a different story, for some reason it helps me deal with my kinetosis. Great read my parents did that deep murmuring too albeit on Saturday mornings and the occasional laughter made me smile too and they always emerged with that look of satisfaction after you have had a great meal,I suppose theirs souls were well fed, I quickly looked up licentious just now.

  60. The Poison Wood Bible (cant remember the author) great read.
    Looking for: Drinking the Wind, Colonial Boy and The Inheritance Cycle from the second one.

    Oh, and any Western with Dusty Fog, Ysabel Kid and the whole gang….

  61. Biko, great article!
    It is not fair for those who are not living in Nairobi. You should have told us that you were at Charles de Gaulle! We could have spoke about books 🙂
    Last night, I bought the book ” We should be all feminists” – Chimamanda Ngozie
    Ladies, it is a MUST READ

  62. sometimes i just want to tell them,’your book looks nice ,could we exchange it with mine when you are through?’ but then i couldn’t intrude on that moment……….

  63. Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda and Peony by Pearl S. Buck made my year. Poignant. I’m thinking of trying Murakami. Any recommendations?

  64. Biko, Can i have ” through my African eyes ” by Jeff Koinange.I have heard of it before but never really cultivated an interest.

  65. Oh Bookstop, that’s where I purchased
    “The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives” by Lola Shoneyin

    Hope they get to stock “The Harlot’ when it comes out.

  66. Angel Gabriel stared at my dad then turned to God and asked, “Where did you learn that?”
    And God was like, “Learn what?”
    “That word, doleful.”
    “My God, are you serious with your life now?”
    And Angel Gabriel laughed, “I love when you say that, ati Oh my God! You are God in case you didn’t notice!”

    Don’t we all love how Biko uses his words? Jeez! My favorite part.

  67. Great marketing ploy Mr. Biko. It has all the strokes of genius.. Will leave the subject of selling out for another day lol! So, what books would you recommend uninfluenced by the availability at bookstop?
    And do you find Chimamanda’s writing complete?

  68. If you are into fantasy Brandon Sanderson two books The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance Part of the Stormlight Archive. Lev Grossman – The magicians awesome reads in both cases

  69. The Power of Now’ and a new earth by Eckhart Tolle. Time to do away with religious dogma and embrace the truth!

  70. Strange as it sounds, I do not think angels read the bible. As in, why would they? They were there when everything was going down… both good and bad. And don’t get me started on Gabe. I mean this (guy) IS THE ISH! Being the one to break the news to a Form 2 chic ati she is going to be a mother. Heeehh!

    Thank you for the book suggestions, it has given me work to do during the holidays!

  71. “My dad has no sense of humor…” A father who names his son Biko Zulu is cool by me. Just for that I would forgive him even if he sulked the rest of his life. Do you realize he could have easily named you Kuku Ngebedu wa Zabanga? After all Steve Biko and Mobutu were near contemporaries.

  72. I actually bought the Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s wives and i looooved it.
    Now looking for Gone Girl, Mwangi do you have it?

  73. Anybody else hear that loves Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol? Fantastic read people!
    It’s otherworldly.
    Where can I get How To Win Friends And Influence Peoole? Not sure if I got the title right but the author is Dale Carnegie.

  74. Nice one Biko, now to Mwangi Bookstop do you have “The Spectral Rapist by Frank Defellita read it long time ago and it was out of this world