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Bird Dog


In a small room with 3 way mirrors at Dulles International Airport, Washington DC, three bulky and unsmiling American immigration officials stood over Solomon Wangwe’s open suitcases. This was after they had pulled him off the queue and scanned …

Be Happy


Well, turns out Purity didn’t kill herself. I posted on Tuesday, she made me wait until Friday to email me. She started off the email with no salutation. Cut right to that chase like only she would. Also, she …

Found and Lost.


There are readers who don’t comment. They email me thoughts. Some are long emails, others are short emails. Some make sense to me, others only make sense to them. Some become e-friends, others become real acquaintances. This particular one …

A Baby And The Sack


Dear, Gang.

I hope this missive finds you well. (When you wrote to a chick in high school back in the hey days you always started your letter like that. The word “missive” was such a big word then,

image of bikozulu's mother

Mother’s Day


It’s 30 minutes to midnight. Saturday night. I just stumbled in from the bar. I’m not high. OK, I’m high. But just a bit. I’m eating a banana. For some reason, I love eating bananas after drinking. I swear