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The Magic Marker


My son’s school usually emails these pre-primary weekly bulletins written in blue font. Sometimes I read them when I’m trying to be a responsible father, often I don’t. The contents of the emails are usually the highlights of their




He who sits on my right side -Kim – is four years old now. He has made tremendous gains as a young person. For one, he can now wear his owns shoes. But he doesn’t just stop there, he can


Babies On Planes


Up the aisle, a bony man struggles to shove his luggage into the compartment above. His elbows look like a branch off a yellow-bark acacia. If you walked into his elbow by accident you would die from excessive haemorrhage.


Thief In The Night


I wake up at 6:45am on Mashujaa Day and reach for my phone. There is a message in our family WhatsApp group. My younger brother Julius had sent a message shortly after midnight. I read it. Then I read it