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Babies in Labs


Kim is turning three in a month’s time. My beautiful, beautiful boy. I’m tempted to say that he takes after his father but you cynical people will not believe me. You will roll your eyes and say, ‘Right! Not


A Baby And The Sack


Dear, Gang.

I hope this missive finds you well. (When you wrote to a chick in high school back in the hey days you always started your letter like that. The word “missive” was such a big word then,


Tony Mochama On Fatherhood


I told someone that Tony was up this week to write about fatherhood and they said astonished, “What? Tony is a father?!” And I said, “Yep, kwani? Why are you surprised?” and they said, “Because he’s Tony Mochama!” You …


#How to Be a Social Media Mom


The first tenet you have to embrace is that motherhood isn’t about your baby. It’s about you. Babies are just collateral damage. Never mind them. The second is that you don’t have to be married to be a mother. …


This letter from a daughter will move you #Dadslovewhisky


By Anonymous

I have received tonnes of emails during the time I have been running the Father’s Day #DADSLOVEWHISKY series. Most, although unique, are unimpressionable. But after reading stories from and about fathers; moving, sad, thoughtful, anguishing stories, it …