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Capture Kenya #UnexpectedKenya


I pity photographers. Such anguished souls. I have been on numerous assignments with some distinguished photographers. I once did a story in Meru National Park with Joe Makeni. Joe said little. He always seemed to have something in his …

This is Nyanza.


Have you ever shared a matatu with a hen? Or shared a boat with a goat and a sewing machine? Have you, Sam? Do you go to Brew Bistro and compete with other chaps on who can make the

Busia, with love!


Life can get cruel, humorless and brutal, and the men who live it quite often have to pander to these themes with the brutishness that it deserves. Here is how. A month ago this friend of mine who works …

“We sing, we dance, we steal things.”


Let’s call him Patrick. Patrick works and lives in Minnesota. Green card and all that jazz. Last time he was in Kenya was 9 years ago. Patrick and I grew up in the same neighborhood- a couple of gates …