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I Know What You Did In The 90’s


The year was 1993. Wu-Tang Clan had released their debut album, Snoop Dog had just introduced the world to his album “Doggy Style”, And Michael Jackson was being sued for sexually molesting a boy. Good old Bill Clinton was

bikozulu - walking dead

The Walking Dead


I had this pain in my right left leg three Sundays ago. Came right out of the blue the morning after a 10km run.  My entire calf was aflame, so I dragged it around like I had gout. It …

Kevin Ouma


Kevin admits that he hasn’t done Malcolm Gladwell’s proverbial 10,000 hours to rise to the mastery of photography. He hasn’t washed his hands by the big table to accord him a seat to break bread with the big boys …

Day Eight #UnexpectedKenya


End of the road…not for us.

This is going to be a quickie. After one week we part ways with these two gentlemen. Now, I won’t say they have been like family, that’s too dramatic and emotional even for …

Day Seven #UnexpectedKenya


Turtle Bay Resort’s kitchen staff meandered, dancing their way around tables last night, carrying this chair adorned with leaves and twigs, like an imperial chair reserved for royalty. They struck at pots and pans and drums, singing some birthday …