Day Eight #UnexpectedKenya


End of the road…not for us.

This is going to be a quickie. After one week we part ways with these two gentlemen. Now, I won’t say they have been like family, that’s too dramatic and emotional even for me. But they have been stars. To the right is Hussein, our location scout. His job has been to scout for our location, link us up with contacts and make sure that villagers don’t mob us. (Not that that was likely). Hussein doesn’t eat much. Says even less.  I also suspect he’s insomniac. He’s fast on his feet. He likes his Spanish omelet without chili, that and reggae music. If you ever need a fixer or a tour guide in Malindi area, call him on 0725692595. He also speaks Italian, in case you want him to translate something you heard in the Godfather.

The other guy is Muiruri. Freshest chap you will ever meet. Stylish. Silver junkie. Neat. Likes chapos. (Who doesn’t like chapos).  Muiruri is a people’s person. He strikes conversations quickly, creates rapports. He knows all the alleys, and quick routes to distant places. He thinks fast, coming up with solutions and suggestions. The kind of guy you can have a drink with. He’s also a whisky drinker but it’s unfortunate that with our mad schedule we couldn’t sit for a drink. And anyway, who needs a hangover when you have to be up at 4am? He runs a taxi business called Palm Garden Taxis in Malindi; if you ever need a fixer or transport in the coast region call him on 0722884268.

These are all fresh chaps. They have been very instrumental in helping Kevin get all his pictures down here. I hope your paths cross, so that they bring joy to your trip like they did ours.

Goodness, that sounds emotional.

There were no tears when we parted. Or hugs. Nobody bit their lips.

We are at the airport. Last stop, Lamu.

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  1. Biko, soo short but you said it, its a quickie…I must say ive enjoyed ‘taking pics’ with Kevin and the team…BTW did he ever take a shot that he liked? Been on my mind…

  2. A good turn deserves another… Hope someday you’ll do a good review of my business (when i start it… 🙂 ) You’re quite good at it!

  3. Biko, you are already emotional woie.. You will give your hug a huuuge hug when you get home. And cling and cry on her shoulder. It’s allowed 🙂

  4. My heart practically raced on seeing this post.I could swear it was a photo of you Biko so I did a quick guess before reading,and decided that Muiruri was you…too bad,looks like i will wait a little longer to “see” you.

  5. Finally I can put a face to the location scout who promised to deliver hundreds of thousands of flamingos but delivered four unhealthy ones…….