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The Art of Giving a F*k


My class five teacher was called Weje. As the name might suggest she wasn’t really a teacher who smiled. You know the phrase, “to put fear of the Lord”? It was meant to be “to put the fear of …

The Girl Is The Flower


Where do you find the best pork in East Africa? Well, there is a small quaint kibanda in Wandegeya, Uganda, just near Makerere University. It is run by a Ugandan lady and her (then) teenage daughter with the loveliest

Man of Men


From the air, South Sudan looks like a decrepit village rising into a city. Dusty roads wind around red, green and blue roofed buildings. There are clusters of huts. You can count the tarmacked roads from the air. The



By Sophie Gitonga I Resident Foodie

I’m in Uganda for the umpteenth time this year. A cousin is getting married and I’m here to celebrate with her. In truth, I’m also here on an eating excursion. Ugandan weddings, like …

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The Closer


I’m in Tanga. (Virtually, at least) Standing outside an ominous door. Inside resides fear. And a special breed of horror. Until I tell you about this soon,  I will leave you in the good hands of our resident foodie,