The Wind Catcher


It was winter here, it was summer there. I was in Barcelona, then I was in Sitges, a small astonishing coastal town, Southwest of Barcelona, Spain. I love water, Sitges has a long stretch of beach. I was in the company of a lovely woman because what psycho goes to a beach in Spain alone? And this small fact sparked a chain of events that signal the hallmark of this story today because at that beach there were women, hordes and hordes of women. And they were topless. I will repeat this statement again. At the beach there were hordes and hordes of women, and they were topless. In other words, their mammary appendages were all out. 

Allow me to paint you a picture. 

We sat at a quaint wooden makeshift restaurant that faced the sea. The type with a bar served by a shirtless and bearded fellow, the type of man who would cause women to fan themselves upon laying their eyes on him. We were seated on these bed-like low chairs sunk in the sand, nibbling on grilled sardines and tapas, eating with our fingers. I was on bourbon, she on prosecco. A game of beach volleyball would soon start and these women, this band of topless women, started jumping up and down hitting the ball, their said appendages following their trajectory. What would you do, gentlemen? Your woman is sitting right next to you, drink in hand, the sun is overhead, you are in bloody Spain, what would you do? What would Jesus do? 

Look away. Right? 

It’s in the men’s handbook and this handbook, I believe, is updated annually for anybody to read: Attractive girl incoming at 11, turn your head towards 3. Look away. Looking away is the modern version of turning the other cheek; it’s painful, it requires self-sacrifice and respect and honour. Only pickle was whichever way I looked, there were more topless women sunbathing, or just passing by, licking ice cream cones, speaking in strange tongues. This goes to show that sometimes we stalk trouble, sometimes trouble stalks us. 

I sat there acting nonchalant, as if what was transpiring before me was completely normal; like watching a military passing parade on TV on Jamhuri Day. Women have compound eyes because how else would they be looking that way and also manage to study you? I could feel her watching me. I could feel her energy, it had changed slightly. In addition, there was a nascent pocket of silence that was becoming increasingly apparent. I could sense it. Any man does. And it wasn’t a good pocket. It was not unlike the pocket Judas kept the 30 pieces of silver in. A metaphorical cloud was gathering and I was suddenly taking larger sips of my bourbon. I had also instinctively sunk lower into my seat to reduce my surface area for the impending bombardment. 

“What do you think of her boobs?” She finally asked me. A trick question. A landmine. An unfair question. Surely, what do women want when they ask inane questions like these? Why do you persecute us so? There is never any right answer when women ask you certain questions. It was not even a question at that point, it was a booby-trap. [Ha-ha, oh boy]. There is a song that would have made a perfect soundtrack of that moment, “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ by Michael Jackson. 

It’s too high to get over (yeah, yeah)

You’re too low to get under (yeah, yeah)

You’re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah)

And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah)

This was not a hill I had chosen but sometimes we die on hills chosen for us by the universe. I clearly was being punished for some transgression. What was that quote by Martin Luther? ‘The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice?’ It’s a load of crock. This arc was hardly the length of my arm but it sure was quickly bending towards injustice from what I could tell. 

“They are okay,” I muttered with as much ennui as I could muster. I could feel that she had turned slightly and was now staring at me. She had on those round reflector sunglasses that she didn’t like at first, but had ended up buying from a shop in Barcelona. I was afraid to look at her for fear of seeing my guilty reflection staring back at me. The pious crowd at the front might ask, but why would you be guilty if you haven’t done anything? Well, there is a look women can give you that just gets you on the defensive. I suspect that same look can also turn water into chardonnay, given half a chance. 

“Just okay?” She asked, a friendly smile in her voice that I wasn’t fooled by, it was entrapment. 

“Yeah, they are okay.” I repeated. This is always the only situation where less is not more. She turned back and said, “I think they are nice.” I didn’t offer another comment, I didn’t even look at the girl in question. In fact I cast my gaze farther in the horizon, where the sea met the sky. 

There was a brief silence before she said, “Wait, but so if you say they are okay, you mean mine are also okay because we are the same size.” I swallowed a little too hard. “They are certainly not like yours,” I said, trying to sound offended that she had dared compare hers with those! “Yours are much better. By far.” 

She smiled and said I was sweet. I wasn’t; I was sweating. 

“Which is the best pair of boobs on this beach?” she asked. 

“Really!?” I said, sighing.

“No, I won’t be offended.” [Lies!]

“Look, you know I’m not even a boob guy,” I said looking at myself in her sunglasses. “This spectacle here doesn’t even move me that much. Can we just chill? Yeah? Can I get you another drink?”

She laughed and said, “I like that other one there.” She pointed with her chin at a girl in red shorts, sitting on a towel, squinting at her phone. I kept quiet. Silence, my friend, is your ally. Less is less. 

Anyway, since Tuesday was due and you all expected a post I remember thinking, I’m going to write about this. I wrote a rushed post from the hotel bed that night. It was titled “Dear Nairobi.” You can read it HERE, if you want. 

Enter a reader here called Peter Waweru but nobody in their right minds wants to identify themselves as Peter Waweru online because you’d sound like a debt collector. Peter Waweru sounds like a guy who buttons all his shirt buttons even when he isn’t in a tie. So our man goes by the name WESH – PETERWESH, like James Bond; the name’s BondJames Bond. It shows chutzpah with just the right sprinkling of grandiose. His picture is that of an exuberant bespectacled chap who probably loves beetroot. He hails from Timboroa; trees, farms and nduthi guys in gumboots sending milk to the milk centers. He started reading the blog when he was in Maseno University studying Business Administration. His comments, if you go back to read them, are long and thoughtful. He read my story when he was working as a business and social researcher at a company along Thika road. Then he commented. You can read it. It got 110 Loves. WESH- PETERWESH was literally running a mini-blog on the comment section. It’s like your tenant subletting the SQ to someone else. Everybody wins. 

Now under his comment [people often commented on his comment], was another regular reader  BUMBLEBEE. She was all the way in Taita Taveta in university there, studying procurement. She had noticed PETERWESH. “I always enjoyed reading his comments, they were detailed and thoughtful,” she says, “from his picture he looked like a weird kid. He had weird glasses.” She commented on his comment as she often did. She said many things, a little rumble that amounted to saying, “You, with your weird glasses, are my kind of guy. I think you are cool. Hit me up.” 

Because it takes a village to raise a child, a reader PATT picked the vibe and egged Wesh to clarify BUMBLEBEE’S queries, “over coffee.” Then MWARE (who likes ‘hare’) said, “Peter, give this chick your number.” Twenty nine people agreed one of who was MWAX who confessed that he too liked BUMBLEBEE but the lady had shown her hand and he would be a gentleman and bow out and if – WESH- ever went to Spain, he should carry BUMBLEBEE with him because it seemed that girl was a scream. Eight people nodded at him in agreement. 

All this was happening while PETERWESH was having chapos and minji in a ka-joint next to the office. He wasn’t dating, nor was he looking. He lived alone in a one-bedroom with no plants or pets, just him and his microwave. He’s the serious type who says stuff like, “I was looking for a meaningful relationship.” At about 3pm he logged back online to see if his comment had started a small warm fire where people gathered around instead he found a groundswell of cupids rooting for him and BUMBLEBEE. 

So he commented on her comment and said, ‘Girl, are you sure you are ready for Timboroa love? Because it’s a funky kinda love!” No, no, he’s a gentleman, he wrote, “Hi Bumblebee, please share your email address.” This is the point where we say that “and the rest is history” but that’s not who we are here, we like history because upon sharing her email address on his comment in public, things got pretty funky. 

A chap called Brian pinged her immediately while PETERWESH was still powdering his nose in the washroom. He wrote, “Hi ma, you sound like you are up my alley. How’s the day going? “He was pretty interesting, I will accept,” BUMBLEBEE says, “but he would email a bit too much and when I didn’t respond in a day he would email a “knock knock, anybody there?’ That was a bit suffocating.” 

So, no knock-knock jokes, gentleman.

PETERWESH didn’t knock on anything. “He went with the motion, that was pretty cool,” She says. They emailed each other for a whole year; usual mundane stuff. PETERWESH is not good at emailing, he would respond after days and that would really get her goat. Then one day they organised a meet up at Artcaffe in Garden City Mall for 6pm. That day she took the morning train from Voi. She stared outside at the passing landscape but her mind was already in Nairobi, probably waiting for him at Artcaffe. In Nairobi, she took a quick shower at her pal’s place, did her face and slipped into a devastating short black dress and red high heels. “His profile on IG had a hashtag with Jesus or something and because of that I didn’t want to be inappropriate,” she scratches the air, putting that word in quotes, “I decided to throw on a trenchcoat on top which felt like I was wasting that dress. ” It was July. She sat at a table by the door, crossed her legs and waited. “I was feeling really sexy,” she says. 

Because even the best-laid plans can’t go as planned, PETERWESH’S phone died as soon as he left the office. So he couldn’t say he was running late. Eventually he got there. “I found a very gorgeous woman in high heels waiting for me. She literally towered over me.” He says. “To be honest I had stalked her pages during the year we were emailing each other and she struck me as sophisticated and phenomenal. Even my friends thought I was punching above my weight.” BUMBLEBEE was running a company (still does) called KININI CREATIONS. She designs, cuts, stitches the clothes herself, a powerhouse. 

They ordered fries and wings and they talked. He told her about how his family had to abruptly upend their whole lives in Timboroa during the post-election violence. She told him that their family home was built by her father from top to bottom using his own hands. “He’s a mason,” she told him proudly. [Her father is now deceased]. Made sense, he thought; she worked with her hands, she had inherited his creativity. A dextrous woman. He stared at her hands as she delicately peeled the flesh from her wings. He laughed at her jokes because she’s the funny one in person but he’s the funny one on paper; a writer of sorts. When the sky outside got dark and the cafe slowly shed customers he asked for and settled the bill. They took a matt to town and he walked her to her bus stage, the sky opened and thin sheets of rain started coming down. All around them people rushed home but they strolled through the streets like they were in some romantic movie. 

Later, they sat in her matatu, him keeping her company as it filled up. Her hair smelled of raindrops, his shoulders a dark patch from the rain. They spoke in low tones. “Did you have a good time?” He asked her, “because I did.” She smiled and nodded coquettishly. He wanted to keep her smile in his pocket. He tried not to hold her hand, those nimble-looking hands that built beauty. Her father’s hands. When the matatu was full he paid the conductor and hopped off then stood on the pavement and waved goodbye with his small victorious smile then he thrust his hands in his pockets and ambled away into the darkness of rain but not a drop touched him because he felt invincible. 

Later, he texted her to find out if she had gotten home safe. From her bed, cross legged like a Buddha, they texted each other for the first time, having freshly graduated from emails. She wore a private smile as she thumbed words into her phone, her body still vibrating from the rhythm of the evening. “Don’t curve me like you used to with emails,” she texted him, “taking days to respond.” He texted back: “the only curves I now know are the ones I saw today.” 

She now laughs heartily at the memory. I look at him like, damn-dawg! He sits there wearing that yeah-what-can-I-say? look,  “And to think I was covering my dress with a trench coat!” she squeals, “By the way, I was a bit cynical when I first saw the word “Jesus” on his bio. Most men who have bios reading ‘’Jesus’’, “proud father/ husband or a bible verse in their bio always turn out to be trash.” ( So are men who write GGMU,  I’m reliably informed).

We are seated at Pallet Cafe in Gigiri’s Gigiri Close; a massive lovely garden that rolls down a tire to a wooden area. A beautiful wooden outdoor bar. A charming waiter wearing ostentatious Congolese loafers. We are seated by the swimming pool at the bottom of the compound. A beautiful snow-white poodle belonging to an Asian couple playfully skirts and yelps around. They are both having wings and chips, their food language, it seems. 

I’m here because after dating for three years BUMBLEBEE AND PETERWESH got married six months ago. 

“One day I went to his house after work, “ BUMBLEBEE says, “there were fresh flowers and some slow music playing from the TV, which was showing a reel of our pictures. He had a look on his face and as I looked around, taking it all in, a bit surprised and confused, he went down on his knee and he asked for my hand in marriage.” I look at him like damn-dawg!

“How long was he on his knee?” I asked because I have always wanted to ask someone this.  

“A while.” She says, looking at him with a look that suggests that she’s ready to wear his skin. 

“Yes,” he chimes in. “ I had sort of practiced my proposal. I knew what to say and when.”  They are not only happy, they look happy. Joy bounces off them. I feel like a fly would accidentally land on their skin and die from an overdose of their sanitised happiness. They smile a lot. They look into each other’s eyes; lingering looks. While she’s vivacious, outgoing, and bubbly, he’s more demure. She looks like the risk-taker (as exhibited), while he looks like the type who wants to mull over things a bit longer. The kind of fellow who measures twice and cuts once. She’s the wind. He’s the windcatcher. Want to know how BUMBLEBEE knew for a fact that she would want to marry him? “I like potato crisps,” she says, “whenever I would go to his house for the weekend I would see that he had added potato crisps to his shopping. I would imagine him walking down the aisle in the supermarket, passing soap and detergent, looking for my potato crisps. Maaan, that for me really touched my heart. It meant that he was a thoughtful person who always had me in mind.”

A friend of mine, Shona, sees me and comes over to say hello. “These two guys met on the blog and got married,” I tell her proudly. She says, “Whoa, no way!” I say, “Yeap, would you believe that? Six months married now!” PETERWESH grins loudly. BUMBLEBEE smiles hard. 

“Whoaa, how’s it going?” She asks them.  He turns and looks at her as if she has better words to describe this overwhelming joy he feels. She says, “it’s going really well. We are very happy.” She looks at him. An angel sings. Of course it’s going really well even though he leaves the toilet seat up and it drives her insane but then again love is a form of insanity, isn’t it? 


Well, congratulations to you Kinini Abigael and Peter Waweru. One day in the distant future when your marriage has been buried under the rubble of life and its relentless demands, when disappointments have finally been washed to the shores of your marriage and the language in your matrimonial home has changed its timber and now it feels like more teeth and less tongue, your words suddenly weighed with resentment and your reality gloomy and without a tongue of flame to light its walls and it all seems so impossible, I hope you all take a moment to at least read this piece and remind yourselves how beautiful your love was and how beautiful you all were in it. Then perhaps therein you might find a reason to fight for it again if it deserves a chance. Thanks for always reading and commenting and on behalf of the gang here, I wish you guys all the joy and health. 

Well, I guess we now just have to wait for CLIFF-THE-TALL’s love story. Boy, is that going to be a tall tale or what?


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    1. Wow! Congratulations BUMBLEBEE (Kanini – wind) and PETERWESH (Waweru – windcatcher) on your marriage. May happiness be your portion..and may you keep on with this blog..amid the added great responsibilities. Biko, thanks for sharing with us this great news. Dear Nairobi is well received too.

  1. Hahahaha, it was such a pleasure meeting you! I low-key thought you used to exaggerate about your forehead but you aren’t! I noticed the sparkle on it

    Can you and Cliff decide who’s taller? Battle of heights

    This is such a beautiful read, thankyou for curving us into this hall of Fame, i am sure I’ll always be coming back to this.

    Love being here✨

    1. Hey, you never talk about a man’s forehead, at least not in public! You’ve broken our vow of secrecy 🙁

    2. I am glad my comment telling him to give you his number contributed partly to your union. Congratulations to you two

    3. Congratulations Abigael on your marriage. My regards to Peter too. May you have a long fulfilled and blessed marriage to your heart’s desires.

  2. She told him that their family home was built by her father from top to bottom using his own hands. “He’s a mason,” she told him proudly. [Her father is now deceased]

    Ladies and gents, that construction, is it trickle down or bottoms up? I’m kind of sequestered on it.

    May Bumble’s oldman continue resting.

    1. Consulting my micro-economics notes on the trickle down or bottom-up bit…hehehe..these words…and policies…

        1. Worry not. I am coming with my mbogi’s comments and likes. Sioni nikifika December before we hit 111 likes. Hahaa

  3. lesson learnt;
    1. Comment long and thoughtful sentences
    2. Keep reading and commenting on the blog…long and thoughtful of-course.
    3. Wait for a bee to burst into that bubble….simple hehe

  4. Of love and happy endings.
    So a while back when the gang was wondering where Wesh had disappeared to he was actively funny in Bumblebee’s email.

    For all those who quip that the blog make their days, the scale has been upped. While it makes your Tuesday, it is concurrently making other people’s marriage.

    Congratulations and happy matrimony to Wesh and Bumblebee.

  5. Ngai Ngai!! There are love stories, then there is this one her. Congratulations Waweru and Kanini. Sijui hata mimi I start commenting on a damsels comment until they spot me. Hahaa

    1. I really air my comment, but since a friend introduced to Bikozulu many years ago, i have always looked forward to reading every new piece. Today especially was so beautiful. If anyone doesnt believe in happy endings, and love always wins, this should be a start. Bumblebee and Peter Wesh, may your forever by happy and joyful, and may your love blossom in to beautiful flowers and grow in to tasty fruits. Yours, Love

    1. Yes to more comments, I should never stop commenting. And maybe one day Biko will do a meet and greet for such vibes.
      Congratulations to Abby and Wesh.

  6. Beautiful. May God keep and sustain your marriage.

    I believe in marriage and good marriages exist.

    ‘He wanted to keep her smile in his pocket.’ Dude PeterWesh never let that smile die. A smiling wife is divine

  7. what has just happened? hahahaha the other minute am laughed out loud at the beach and in a split second am feeling the love jitters awwwwwww. Am wishing you the best guys Enjoy it.

  8. First time commenting here and that’s coz I personally know PeterWesh. We was working with him at the same company along Thika Road back then when he met BUMBLEBEE. Truly happy for them and Congratulations to them both. I might as well decide to be a regular on the comment section and see how it goes for me. J/K. LOL.

    1. You never know when it’s your time to experience the same good energy and vibe that’s happening to Bumblebee and her Wind Catcher. May the wind of luck come whispering along the streets of this blog.

  9. I remember both in the comments section, and very happy for both Peter Wesh and Bumblebee.
    Best Wishes in your marriage.
    Keep it real.

    Biko, that intro has totally corrupted my mind for the rest of the day. I have Googled Sitges in terrain map. Hope Google makes live videos of the globe some day. I would have happily spent my day in Sitges from my screen.


  10. When a read is long and fascinating, and you wish it was longer… Just beautiful

    Wesh and Kinini, enjoy oneness

  11. Oh my, I’m so so happy for you guys

    I love love.

    May God bless your marriage.

    Where is my ‘PETERWESH’?

  12. I have never commented before but this made me claw out.. Don’t we love such. A reassurance that there is still love out there. I wish them lots of love and happiness! Now to ‘Dear Nairobi’

  13. Wow!! what a happy ending for them. When some of us joined the gang here way back in 2014, PETERWESH and BUBBLEBEE were the real OG’s. And its exciting that they are now a family. Biko, when your time comes, standing at the pearly gates, and asked what you did during your time on this earth, kindly start by saying you helped Peter and Abigael find each other. Whatever you’ve done to Kim and his sister won’t get you in. It was your bare minimum.

  14. I don’t believe I met my person by chance. I believe we were always supposed to meet. Whether it be for a month, a year or a lifetime. I do believe that the person you find yourself in a relationship with will teach you more about life and yourself than you could have ever imagined. It may not be the happy-ever-after love story we had envisioned for ourselves but it is real and there is magic in believing that every star in the universe is aligned for us to meet and that sounds better than any fairy-tale to me.

  15. Congratulations my people!!! Happy for you two!!

    Wesh, you bumbled on Bee and pollen in love ! We love to see it!!

    Biko, hehehe…

    1. We are reliably informed that you are next. So we are singing for you, match maker match maker make him a match find him a find… Ama you are already in a box somewhere?

  16. Can I just throw in that I am constantly mentioning Eddy Ashioya and NOTHING so far!? What, the cupids won’t take my case? This is the real injustice. Tell that to Aristotle or Martin Luther or who was he.

  17. Congratulations to these two.
    Oh and Biko, the next time you find yourself in Spain, it will be my honor to show you around. Specifically Madrid.

  18. Thanks Biko for doing God’s work of uniting the nation and it’s people, Congratulations to Peter Wesh and Bumblebee…
    The boobs story at the Sitges beach must have been exhilarating and ‘hardening’ with the beautiful views of God’s creation and the
    traumatizing questions with no right answer…

  19. This is such a beautiful love story and I’m here for it all. Rooting for you Abby and Wesh may your marriage be beautiful and overflowing with lasting joy

  20. Here’s to all of my comments section people that were rooting for a Coffee Date! Who knew it’d end up in exchange of marriage vows!

    Biko this is a great read as always! (Especially now that it is my story haha).

    It is still surreal that one day I am going back and forth with a girl on the comment section of a blog and days later I am accompanied by wazees to take cows and sheep to her parents!

    And YES! We will definitely be reading this probably at every fifth anniversary of our union!

  21. Biko I don’t think I’ve read a love story, one you’ve written, as beautiful as this one. The last paragraph is just a load of love and tears. You are just the best Biko.
    Congratulations BUMBLEBEE and PeterWESH. Long live your sanitized happiness.

  22. Yes, girls and their questions…damned if you answer, damn if you don’t! Kudos to the couple who got a tangled in your comments…may their joy be as long as her trenchcoat and their sorrows as short as her black dress

  23. Oh yay! Congratulations to Peter Wesh and Abigael Kanini. What lovely news. No wonder you two had gone radio silent here. May you enjoy marital bliss for many many years to come. Si you guys DHL me a bite of the wedding cake ama?
    Anyway, couldn’t resist throwing a pun or two your direction…hahaha

    Bumble Bee: Come a little closer. I promise I won’t sting.
    Peter Wesh: Here’s my number. Give me a buzz and I’ll bee yours.

    1. Ah! Stop with the puns already haha!

      Thank you Caroline! We appreciate the love! You changed your name on here and kidogo we lose track of that handle! Ama you did that to confuse people?

      I’ll propose a hangout sometime – now that I see Cliff is on here as well.

      1. Am glad you picked up on that too. I suspect I know Carol but will find out one day when the story of her and Cliff will be serialized here as I am rooting for ’em abit too openly too

  24. Congratulations guys. I am happy for you. I celebrate you and your union. To many years filled with joy and happiness. May God bless your marriage. I pray you be that couple that will cage and tame the unkind in you and focus on enjoying the good and the beautiful that love brings. Whoever finds a good wife, finds a good thing. Waweru, you got yourself a good thing.

  25. What a beautiful piece.
    May they have a happy and prosperous marriage.
    Btw who was in Barcelona? Biko or Peter and Kinini?

  26. I literally did a refresher to the July 4th 2017 11:27 a.m. comment where it all started!
    Love is a beautiful thing.Amazing read.

  27. ‘He laughed at her jokes because she’s the funny one in person but he’s the funny one on paper; ‘

  28. Peter Wesh congratulations buddy, wait, how did chocolate man miss the wedding? If I ever do a wedding, Biko, Peter Wesh and Mwax(who introduced me to bikozulu) will receive my invitations. At long last your loyalty to the blog paid in a way.

  29. Day made! Such a heart warming story. Congratulations to Bumble Bee and Peter Wesh, I wish you two a long and fulfilling married life!

  30. I always knew something lime this would come out of your gang Biko. I know you are a happy guy, but not happier than PETER WESH and his BEE.
    Wishing you lots of love and happiness.

  31. Once Peter Wesh left a comment on how, just like Dbanj, he had a confession to make; he didn’t read through the day’s story because he’s not into descriptive stuff- the one on the Gor Mahia match. I felt my thoughts echoed in his comment. Well, today I’m here to tell him that the same Dbanj says “Don’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing”.. Kwani ni kesho

  32. Wooooooooow!!! This story has rekindled love in my heart. Too good and yet true. I wish them happiness in their beautiful marriage.

  33. Congratulations to the couple…made online!

    On to the beach questions…How is a man supposed to answer such questions…? Any guidelines.

    1. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
      Hapo hauwezi jitoa. And be sure your response will be used against you in the future.
      Whatever your response, keep to the lowest degree of superlative. That is what Biko meant by less .

  34. I really love Tuesdays. Biko, thank you, Always. Also, thank you for signing my books. Your autograph is my current profile picture for Twitter. I love you! I love your art. I love Tuesdays. Arghhhh, thank you for always quenching my thirst for words. Congratulations to the newly weds. I’ve recommended this blog to a few of my many crushes so I hope to one day say, “our love sparked off Biko’s blog.” Alright have a good day Biko. Thank you again.

  35. Beautiful… The whole shit from the boobs in Barcelona that most of us will never experience, the love story that melts a cynic’s heart, and the final warning from an experienced man on the inevitable burial under the rubble of life that every love will have to undergo, when the time comes for its initiation into adulthood.

  36. This is so beautiful. I was literally grinning and could almost feel their happiness from here. Happy marriage to Kanini and Waweru!

  37. I am always slow to catch love cues and that’s why I never saw this one coming. I know these two, I see them commenting here, but looks like I missed the love language and others caught it.
    Congratulations Bumblebee and Wesh.

  38. I’ve really toyed with the idea of hitting up some ‘commenters’ but now I cannot because they will think I want to get married to them… and my father is not a mason

  39. Congratulations and to happy years ahead,a beautiful story and there is the group I belong to,”we read,laugh out loudly,go down to read others comments and then await for next Tuesday”

  40. Wesh got a wife now and it’s mission accomplished and he won’t even comment now lol. Or he’s taking time like he did with emails ? Congrats and beautiful story

  41. Wow, this is a delightful read. I never have taken as much time as today to read the comments looking for Peter Wesh and Abigael only to realize I know Peter from the comments mostly because of his insightful comments. Congratulations Peter and Abigael

  42. Pole Biko, this space is about to become a tinder of sorts. Then many many years down the line, great grandchildren will come in search of their family history on here. Somebody pass the popcorn, it’s about to get wild

  43. Congratulations are in order to the happy couple. Now let me go back to my default settings as a member of the silent gang.

  44. Ola Biko, Thankyou for sharing the amazing news.. I’m now going to be commenting on every single blog.. I’ll try be funny while at it.. We just never know!!

  45. Oh wow! What a Serendipitous encounter which became a beautiful love story! Congratulations to the newlyweds Peter Wesh and Bumblebee and may their love blossom each day.

  46. Love is the language of pure souls. What a beautiful story of blissful essence brewed organically on a forehead filled Tuesday blog!

    Congratulations Bumble Bee n Wesh May your home buzz for ages with the purity of your romance.

  47. I will henceforth post long and thoughtful comments. Thanks for the tip…and for the boobs story, which I cannot place into this beauty of a story.
    Let’s hope it is a warning to our brother, when they go to Spain. He’ll know what not to say.

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    Yes, we await with eagerness, for cliff the tall’s story.

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