By Hanafi Kaka | Resident Geek

There is this little, smart device you want, even though you don’t know it yet. It’s a small creature. Tiny enough to fit in any pocket. You can take it with you everywhere; kiss it goodnight, sing sad love songs to it, hang it on your neck with a manila rope, take it to Mauritius for the holidays and tag it in all your Facebook pictures. Hell, you will even take it home to Machakos to meet your mother.

I’ve been banging my head to the wall for the last week, trying to come up with a very sexy name for it. The little geeks I have chained in my basement could have gone hungry tonight if they couldn’t come up with a cool name to easily blurb out as social currency, but they did their best. And they are all getting ginger biscuits for supper. Yaaay!

Ladies, gentlemen (and Magunga). . . meet TOUCH.

SanDisk call theirs the DUAL USB DRIVE TYPE C. It’s a mouthful obviously, but we are cool here. We like our floors made of black marble and our whisky served in chilled glasses. We don’t wear pink; we go black for mystery. Grey for sexy. And sometimes red, just for attention. So we shall call it TOUCH.

It’s a small device that works both ways as a flash disk (Americans, read flash drive) and as a memory card.

On one end, you can connect it to your comp. Drag-drop music, videos, documents, FBI files and pictures of hot chicken wings that you just can’t eat anymore because you had a clot once (Haha, had to say that).  On the other end, you can connect it to your phone with the tiny metallic part like your USB charger has. Files can go both ways. Careful not to confuse it with USB-OTG (USB ON THE GO), which is basically a long wire that allows you to connect your flash to your comp, like they have in most cyber cafes. This is actually a flash that connects to your computer and your phone.

At first it may sound like the stupidest thing ever invented, because who needs TOUCH when you already have a million other options, right? But this thing is invaluable, especially to the many of us who have to send a hundred email attachments to a hundred million people every day, individually.

You can’t be in the office all day, and you can’t carry your computer with you everywhere. You will become a meme sooner than you can say bikozulu. So, while you have to run errands and carry your whole documents folder with you everywhere, you do it with TOUCH. No wires, no weight. And most importantly, no filling your phone/tablet with loads of work documents that take up much needed space for your laughing babies and talking dogs WhatsApp videos. It has 32GB portable memory, and USB 3.0

Now, SanDisk makes reliable techies, the only complaint most people have is that SanDisk gadgets copy slower than others. But I will recommend it anyway.

Every tech store I asked around, their fake geeks have no name for it. So you have to walk in and pretend you’ve always known it’s manufacturer’s label, probably some long name with numbers and decimals that numb your tongue just from saying it out loud. But you could always say you want a Touch, and someone might just ask you: Deep tissue or just regular?

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  1. That’s exactly what I need for my numerous photos and video clips that have me having to free up some space in my phone every now and then, just because I do not want to transfer everything to my laptop since I may need them when I don’t have access to the laptop!Any particular shop you may point me to? TIA.

  2. Very nice piece. clap clap.
    pictures of hot chicken wings that you just can’t eat anymore because you had a clot once (mchokozi ni wewe)

  3. I’ve been using it for like three months and i swear its the best thing ever, and Biko, if it’s 3.0, you no longer need to say it copies slower as compared to most flash drives which are 2.0

  4. Av bin finding myself saving a whole tv series to my phone to watch in these long traffic jams and this is just wat i need to save on space. Qn is how much is it?.. N how easy can i get it?

  5. Enyewe Magunga, hizo links zako za kila siku kwa comments section are starting to become boring.

    Wow Hanafi, I live in shags and every item you’ve talked about so far sijawahi skia. But at least now naona nitaanza kuwa on top of my game if I keep reading your articles.

    1. Piranha if you’ve got a probem with Magunga keep it to yourself. So many other bloggers post their links here.

      It’s a choice to visit their blogs or not just as it is to read their comments or not.

        1. mtu akiguza Magunga tena atalala korokoroni. He is my link up to planet earth. I seek his comments first then read the rest in that order.

  6. The little geeks I have chained in my basement
    could have gone hungry tonight if they couldn’t
    come up with a cool name to easily blurb out……good read,reminded me of minions

  7. Your posts are informative. If only you could add useful stuff like: the available types, where they are sold in town and the cost… it would make an excellent tech read.

  8. been using ‘touch’ for 7 months now.Awesome device tho slow while coping stuff. 4gb retailing at kshs 700, 16gb going for Kshs 1400

  9. And they are all getting ginger biscuits for
    supper. Yaaay!……who eats ginger biscuits for supper Hanafi… I love everything tech… niice read.

  10. That thing touched my life once and keeps saving me from heavy workloads. I like it more when am using it on a matatu and guys be like; Can I touch it, its cool.

  11. ” and pictures of hot chicken wings that you just can’t eat anymore because you had a clot once (Ha ha, had to say that)” this part killed me

  12. I thought my San disk was faulty. It’s bloody slow. Too slow. Don’t they have touch on transcend. I will be donating this bloody thing.

  13. Hey, Hanafi.
    This is excellent. Kept me glued to the post to the very end.
    Now, go tell Biko to double your pay (or start paying you if he hasn’t already, hehe) because I said so. I have read a number of your pieces, and I have liked each one of them. I am officially a fan.
    That makes two of the best guest writers Biko has featured on these streets. The other being the other lady (Nduta?) who wrote about sex in Dar-es-salaam in such a way would make one contemplate catching the earliest flight to the Tanzanian City so they can have sex in a Dar Hotel.