Month: March 2023

Kwani He Doesn’t Eat?


Of course it’s about the head. It’s the final dedication, the last hurrah. Nobody starts to eat their fish from the head like he was. You save it for last. It’s even in the constitution if you care to

Random Things


I’d never join a book club. I’d be kicked out. The leader of the book cult would say, sarcastically, like a villain in a dark story where characters carry shovels into the woods at night, “Biko, maybe this isn’t

The Magic Number, Part 2


Where were we? 

Right. Dinner in Stellenbosch. And here is a big man sporting big guns with ropy veins curling around them and a smile as wide as a Smokie. And Beatrice, our protagonist, is feeding off the plate

The Magic Number


In December I woke up in a very charming, American style country home nestled in a spice farm called Uhoreru Farm in Loldaiga, Nanyuki and got onto a mountain bike. I cycled for 12 kms in the punishing heat,