Month: October 2023

Things That Happened


We got a baby. 

Strange seeing a baby. Pink on the cheeks, like a bruised red apple. Eyes closed as if meditating. The tiniest nose you ever saw, like a comma. A small mouth that hasn’t uttered anything hurtful,

A Quick One



Biko is away, again.

He’s somewhere, in some country where dance moves are all about showing off your knee strength and where they couldn’t pick a single city to become their capital so they picked three (if you’re …

Happy Holiday!


How lovely it is that this Tuesday has fallen on a Public Holiday. Such great luck. Because it means WE (you and I) get to do nothing today. We chill. 

Happy days. 

Enjoy the hangover.

A Missing Finger


You think you know someone until you see them around their wife. Then you don’t know them at all. They speak like they are in church. The weight with which they enter rooms changes. Even their laughter is dense,