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  1. beiko…
    Wacha uppus
    Tues day didn’t fall anywhere
    it’s always been there
    after mondai
    it’s public holiday that fell
    get one

    give us a story by Thurs
    we are re-arranging calendar in this hse
    we miss good reads

  2. Auwiii..First here doing nothing. Because today is Huduma, Utamaduni or Moi Day depending with which generation you come from. Happy holiday!

  3. Was so excited to indulge after taking a break, had forgotten how things run around here, thank God I still have alot to catch up on. Happy huduma day.

  4. Just like that you’ve squandered the opportunity to whisper to our souls. I leave you with a quote from DeLillo

    “A writer takes earnest measures to secure his solitude and then finds endless ways to squander it”.
    ~Don DeLillo