Northern Tanzania


by Helen Langat

You know how when you are starting on a road trip everything is tight? It’s Friday morning of that long weekend and you are worried about the time, and your luggage, whether you carried enough underwear and …


The Smoking Private


There is a massive red crab moving at the entrance to a seafood restaurant. Across the street, a large Scandinavian man with blond flowy hair is stripping down to his blue briefs to try on jeans from a roadside clothes …

bikozulu in rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda


I have one reader from Papua New Guinea. I know this because Google Analytics told me so. I used to see him last month, one lone reader from a random nondescript country. Who would have thought? What the hell …

colonial nairobi - bikozulu

Your Nairobi


It’s easy to moan about Nairobi. Moan about floods. Moan about traffic-jam and “matafakas” cutting you off in traffic. Moan about the drainage system and about Sonko. (Those two are not related.) It’s easy, in moments of cynicism to …

cape town jazz festival

Cape Town Jazz Festival


I don’t understand jazz. I just don’t get it. All the trumpets, the blowing and sweating and sighing. And puffed lips. I don’t get the expressions jazz artists have either – especially those far-away looks on their faces when they …