Get a girl a book


She has never been a cuddler. After the migwatos she lies there on your chest, listening raptly to your brisk heartbeat, as if that drumming tattoo would answer the eternal question; Where is this going? Your heart beats fast because you have – for once – summited before her (wink) and you know how that is gentlemen, when you put your best spit-shined boot forward and after a “lying” ovation (in your head) you lie there with a small, bashful but complex self-satisfied smile, soundlessly patting yourself on the back while you wrestle with vanity, because close to the surface we all think we are the shit, don’t we, gentlemen? (Wink again).

This aftermath isn’t alien. You know how they lie there, on our chest, which now moves up and down, like an oceanic wave, filling her lungs of our primal scent, a scent she will long remember after she has dismissed you as another asshole. But for now, as the breeze gently unfurls the curtain, and the fan whirs overhead, she will stir, look up at you and ask that question we all hate; What are you thinking? (Roll eyes). And you aren’t sure exactly what she means by that, does she want to be reassured that she was a vixen, or does she just really want to know what you are thinking? But you don’t answer because you are That Guy Kevo. You stroke her hair distractedly (if it isn’t a weave) and that seems to calm her down, because her breathing becomes shallow and she slowly slips into silence. Bliss.

But not this one, gentlemen. This one was never a cuddler.  Right after the summit, she swings one long beautiful leg from the bed, followed by another and she shuffles, barefoot, across the floor towards the balcony. You lie there, watching her go, staring at her receding ass. As she soundlessly pads away on the parquet floor, one foot gingerly stepping on the floor after the other, as if walking on hot coal, her ass shimmers… not shakes, shimmers. There is a difference between a shaking and a shimmering ass. A shaking ass needs gym and diet. A shimmering ass needs a heart monitor. Yours.

A shimmering ass is a well-coiffed ass, one that has been sculpted and gleaned by a combination of genes and to a lesser extent diet. An ass that seems to refract light. This is the type of ass that stands alone. Like all winners do. Many a woman has asked men that tricky question: what is this obsession men have with the female posterior? What is a good ass? But you see, in reference to above, there is no such thing as good ass. There is only great ass. (Just let me digress, damn it, I’m already in too deep). Some imagine that a great ass has to be huge. That it has to fill up jeans and stretch out our imagination in the process. Others imagine that it has to be a product of relentless squats in the gym. But very few have the answer to that question because a great ass is as varied as Basco paints’ colour wheel. When a great ass ambles by, no man will disagree about its greatness because a great ass shimmers.

Anyway, now it shimmers as she goes to that balcony and eases herself into that easy canvas seat, naked like the day she was born. Naked like a blatant lie. Then she does something that although you don’t approve; you find sexy as hell; she reaches for a pack of ciggies, taps the pack, one pops up, rearing its head out as if saying, “me! Me! Me!” She places it gingerly between those luscious lips, those that – only moments ago – were whispering filth in your ear. She flicks the silver lighter, a gift from her brother, a chef on some cruise ship in the Caribbean or whatever, you weren’t really listening. The flame partially lights up her face, illuminating her cheekbones and her ebony skin now looks like its burning from the inside. She torches the end of that cigarette. Her cheeks suddenly plunge in as she sucks hungrily on that cigarette, the tip of that lucky cigarette combusting furiously in a million little embers. She slowly leans her head back on the chair and blows out a neat stream of smoke into the air. Look at her chin. My God, look at that chin.

Back in the bed, you struggle to breathe. Suffocating from all the lewd thoughts in your head.

After three puffs she picks up her book, and that’s when you lose her.

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, or bar and watched a woman not only read but get completely immersed in a book? It’s spicy. It’s something that should be framed and dusted regularly.

She reads her book. She gets lost in it. And you lose her, completely. She doesn’t need you anymore with that book in her hand and a cigarette in the other. She is gone, baba. Gone. You lie there, feeling used and hoping that she will use you again. You don’t know what to do with yourself because you aren’t a reader, neither are you a smoker. So you kill a little of your brain cell, by watching Jerry Springer. Or any American TV with yobs who replace comas with the word “dude.”

The evening sun moves. Her lithe shadow lengthens into the room. You can see her chest gently lift and fall with every breath lifting with it her nipple – the one you can see. It’s deep dark chocolate and alert, quite not recovered. In fact it’s almost indignant, stiff and truant and it points straight at her book, as if helping her point out sentences.

There is a sound in the room. Wait, it’s the sound of you swallowing hard.

Before long the burning cigarette in her hand will be forgotten and it will smolder there, yielding smoke that now crawls reluctantly up to the ceiling. Pages rustle as she turns them. She leans over and taps the ashes in an ashtray, an act that exposes her long lithe spine. Sometimes she sighs resignedly. You too sigh silently because you are weren’t able to make her sigh like that. A book can. A book will. A book has.

She will stay there for 45mins, never moving, never turning to see if you are alive, never giving a shit about the evening dusk that now crawls up her body because she has a book in her hands. And she needs nothing else. You get the feeling she is ready to die right that moment, grasping onto all those beautiful sentences swirling in her head.

At some point, when you are just about to start sulking, she will suddenly put down that book, take one last long drag of her ciggie, crush it in the ashtray, take a moment to sit up and for a brief moment, stare at the horizon with that faraway look, as if taking time to lock away those characters from the book in her own small private pigeon hole because they are her own private angels and demons.

Then she slowly gets up, stretches leisurely like a wild cat, then pads back into the room, followed faithfully by that shimmering ass. She eases herself at the edge of the bed and while playfully feeling your scrawny biceps (now vainly flexed for her benefit) she stares at you intently with a teasing, mischievous smile. Then finally she will ask you the one question she is sure you are going to answer with a lie: “Have you been working out?”


The whole point of this piece, in case you missed it, isn’t about tits and ass but about books. The other point is that if you squint at the near horizon, you will see Valentine’s Day, ambling towards us with a bagful of pressure. What to buy, gentlemen? Another shoe? Earing? Bracelet? Stuff that will stay in a box? I have an idea; get a book. A book she can read in traffic, or a matatu, a book she will not wait till lunch break to get her hands on. Get her a book she will take to bed. A book that she can carry in her bag. A book that will eventually smell like her. Get her a book that will leave her bewildered and wanting more. A book that will challenge her and stimulate her thoughts. Get her a book that she will remember when you are in the doghouse (again). A book she can take to bed. And let that book be the last thing she thinks about before she falls asleep.

And those books are there. If she is the serious type that puts out fires in boardrooms (or plans to), she might like Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg (almost all corporate women I interviewed last year were reading this). Get her Bossy Pants by Tina Fey, I hear it’s something. Get her Adultery By Paulo – I think every woman I know is either reading this or has read this. Get her a cracker like The Colour Purple by Alice Walker. Or How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran. If she is a firebrand who always says it’s your turn to clean the dishes, she might like I am Malala by the child prodigy Malala Yousafzai. Or Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi. If she is spiritual and never misses church and is always trying to entice you to join her church, get her Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume. Or just get her Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn but if she finishes it in one day and starts looking at you funny, bail! I just finished reading Frank Mc Court’s books – Angela’s Ashes and ‘Ts – those are books she will love. If she has ever lost a loved on get her Goldfinch by Dona Tartt, which I have just started and is currently describing loss in a nice fireplace-kinda way. Chimamanda, although I have never read any of her books, is also a contender.

Whatever you do, get a girl a book this month.

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  1. I wish my boyfriend read your blog…you have my book wish list for the year listed here…sigh!!! i like the bit about the biceps..heh heh so you guys actually do that on purpose..LOL

  2. Nice read Biko. Always entertaining. How about that girl who does not like reading? What would be the equivalent of a book for her?

    1. Are you asking for your neighbor who is too shy to ask? hehehe there is no equivalent of a book, its one of those things that has no equal

    2. There are guys out there who are still keeping girls who do not read? Hate this Instagram and Facebook and Viber and Messenger and all that shit – it has them would-be readers always doodling and touching and swiping away at screens. Wait for it, the shallow generation. It’s coming!

    3. Audiobook. Sometimes I get too lazy to read and Also becauseI frequently travel at night. I download a couple put them in my ipod and listen to them. It’s like someone telling you a story as you relax and close your eyes. I just finished Neil Patrick Harris’ Choose Your Own Autobiography. I laughed at the jokes and the puns, got emotional when his voice got emotional. I fell in love. But also probably because I’m a huge Neil Patrick Harris fan

  3. The other point is that if you squint at the near horizon, you will see Valentine’s Day, ambling towards us with a bagful of pressure……damn you Biko, now I clearly see it.

  4. *Claps contentedly* Thanks Biko!!!! This would have to be the ultimate present 🙂 AND you gave OPTIONS!!! I might just be in love…

  5. Lovely piece. Told my hubby just the other day that I wanted a book for Valentines. Ill make him read this piece. Thanks Biko.

  6. Love this piece!!! especially these bits ‘After the migwatos she lies there on your chest, listening raptly to your brisk heartbeat…’
    ‘…she will stir, look up at you and ask that question we all hate; What are you thinking? (Roll eyes).’
    ….’If she is the serious type that puts out fires in boardrooms (or plans to), she might like Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg (almost all corporate women I interviewed last year were reading this). ‘

    someone get me a book plleeeasseeee

  7. She has never been a cuddler. After the migwatos she lies there on your chest, listening raptly to your brisk heartbeat, as if that drumming tattoo would answer the eternal question; Where is this going? Your heart beats fast because you have – for once – summited before her (wink) and you know how that is gentlemen, when you put your best spit-shined boot forward and after a “lying” ovation (in your head) you lie there with a small, bashful but complex self-satisfied smile, soundlessly patting yourself on the back while you wrestle with vanity, because close to the surface we all think we are the shit, don’t we, gentlemen? (Wink again).

  8. And one of my favorite quotes comes to mind “Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes, who has problems with closet space because she has too many books. Buying her a book on Valentines’ Day will make her know that your love is eternal..” (of course I added that last bit! 😉 )
    Thank you Biko for enlightening our men.

  9. I can’t believe you have read “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume” I read that when I was 13 and I thought only teenage girls read it. 🙂

  10. Shimmering with light refraction I tell you…… maybe I’ll just get her a book this Valentine’s… Big up Jatelo….

  11. I carry a list of books to every book store I walk into(from the 10 sappy books….). You have a way with words that makes someone want to follow you everywhere.. [you’re a worse than a cult btw]. I vowed read every single book you review.

    Thanks for speaking on our -the book lovers- behalf. Men , take notes!!

    1. I have a “BUCKET BOOK LIST” Inshallah I shall cross most of them off.. When I stumble upon a bookstore I ALWAYS have an idea of what I want to buy, by impulse of course! It is a beautiful life, this life of books

  12. Lovely article as always. I’ll buy a few of these books for my lib (i love to read while in traffic) …Thanks!

    Biko – start writing books. I’ll definitely buys yours. They way you tell a story is simply awesome!

  13. I travelled out of town recently to be precise Kericho with colleagues majority of which were ladies and the hotel I was staying in right at the gardens I saw a girl could be 16 years sited with her mother and consumed in her book and I made a comment about it to the effect that such a scene is hard to come by and is just beautiful and they the lladies were all in agreement, I will buy mine a book. Thanks Biko.

    1. Osano…what were you doing in Kericho? Was transferred to Kericho recently from Nairobi and I find the place a haven of peace away from all the hustling in Nairobi! Will be back soon……………………..

  14. Some few years back……my boyfriend then bought me this book as a valentine gift ‘ A walk on the beach, Tales of wisdom form an Unconventional Woman’ Joan Anderson…….there were other gits like perfumes and all but all i noticed was the book….lets just say…….he had a very good valentine’s night……

    so yeah for me….a book anyday.

    Great article Biko.

  15. Dude, what have you been smoking? I’ve never had someone start off a migwatos’ pieces and end it with a book!! What a twist damn it. You’ve done it again bro!

  16. Biko! After two weeks you resurface with a gem! Now this my friend is what we should all do! Read ! Thanks and please don’t keep us waiting for so long. So what about the men? What should they get for Valentines….. this should be interesting!!!

  17. You nailed it us girls love our books. Oh by the way we have moved on to the Kindle, nook and other mobile reading devices.

    1. oh yeah the Kindle though it is convenient and i use it most times i still prefer physical books especially in traffic.

  18. Nigger I ain’t buying no book!!! What wrong with you boy, valentines is about cheap salty chocolates, a day old roses that have stared at the sun the petals look and feel like an woman who is her 95th year on this earth and cheap GATO NEGRO wine the one that comes with a screw top!! Get all this and hope to get laid on the 14th then we’ll see whether you’ll get to touch and feel that clenched shimmering ass….. Scratch that shit shaking ass coz we know 99% of Kenyan women have never never smelt the inside of a gym. Hahahaha good luck son….shimmering ass with a book and a cigarette my clench left butt cheek. Buy that book for valentines and we see whether by the end of the day you will be making alien sounds after thrusting three times. (rolling on the ground laughing)

  19. As always a charmer! You never disappoint and with this piece you touched my heart…..i love reading that is all I ever do. If only the gifts would be more books. You must read The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives by Lola Shoneyin.

  20. Oh Biko you said it. Yes, men get a girl a book but only if she likes reading. Shimmering ass… or just an ass get the girl what she likes… If roses let her get roses. Phillipa Gregory is one of my favourites you know just in case my boyfriend is reading this. However, the book better be accompanied by a bouquet of roses.. Who am I kidding i like flowers and chocolate… So men do not listen to Biko… He is not a she

  21. Lo! The difference between a shimmering ass and a shaking ass! Hiyo ni ‘orijino’.

    I applaud your quest to help revive the reading culture in Kenya…I will not be surprised if I walk into coffee houses/restaurant patios and notice a spike in the number of ladies (clothed, not naked) reading books…some will be for show but some will actually be reading.

    Chimamanda is a great contender!

  22. Love it as usual… Am an avid follower of your master pieces. Can’t wait for you to write a novel. It will be in the library for my generations to come and read good writing. Cheers.

    I hope I get a book as well 🙂

  23. Biko dude (see what I did there hehe) pok isomo Chimamanda Ngozi? You need to get on it a boy toto. Books don’t usually lose me but her “Half” completely engrossed me. I don’t know about the movie: started it and didn’t finish… Not for interest but for having a one year old… but you must read her. “Americanah” I thought was just alright… “Half” is her best work so far IMHO. Enjoy!

    Thank you for advocating books.

  24. The way you digressed into ass and tits reminded of “Alma” by Junot Diaz. One of the best intros in this blog, this one killed it.

  25. Well i have a lot of e-books because paper is too much work. I could email some to people who want books that are not written on paper.

      1. Well, only Njoki came after my books. I will assume the others buy paper books, though I highly doubt it. Good read though. Mind, body and soul.

        1. Hey Sir. I am interested in the e-books. Kindly refer me to several nice reads. I may not even tell for now what i want to read so your recommendations will be highly appreciated.

    1. Apparently, I don’t like e-Books. I have a list number of them but I hardly finish reading. Real book-paper books- have life. I feel them as I read through.

      1. Nothing like the feel and smell of a book, carry it around and turn the pages. I just love a physical book I can look at later and be all nostalgic about.

      2. You’ll be grateful for your kindle if you’re reading ‘Pornogami’ (a book about origami…no one will judge you. I’ve expanded my repertoire as a result. Though reading a physical copy still gives me heady joy

    2. Every reader will tell you there is an allure reading paper. I have many e-books but I find it hard reading them.

  26. Oh wow. I have truly enjoyed this. I have read and is reading Lean In, Bossy Pants (best book ever) and hope to read Adultery (on my reading list), am versatile. You can never go wrong with a book.

  27. this is a beautiful piece. i’m a book addict so I can relate to everything on this….. book suggestion “Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese and In the Memory of Love by Aminata Forna” engrossing reads. My favourites from last year.

  28. Instead of throwing me a rao @the pub, please throw me a book next time you see me at the bookshop (random thoughts to the universe)

  29. Lol…you are funny, I kept wondering where you are taking us this time round….and walaa the gentlemen are well advised no excuse for taking flowers to the lady! a book it must be!

  30. Hahaa… now I’m newly dating this hot guy who’s doing his PhD. He’s intelligent and knows that I’m a reader (quite a challenge to men sometimes.) This is a Godsend to get him thinking too. He’ll secretly wish to know what I’ve been up to when I ask him for these instead of the usual chocolates and stupid flowers ladies’ wish for. I hate them anyway…..

    1. flowers and chocolates entice girls. Ladies on the other hand love something deeper,……… a book. All men should read this!!

  31. Someone get this girl a book. *deep sigh*
    Years back a good friend asked what they could get me for my birthday, I said a book. Needless to say, he did and to date it still is the most memorable gift yet.

  32. Biko you are a wordsmith. It’s like your an artist and this is your canvas. Cheers mate. As always amazing read. I shall always and forever read your blog while pretending to be very busy in class.

    1. Me, I am taking notes 🙂

      How do men just categorize female anatomy like that though – ati shimmering and shaking asses? Biko, you’re loco!

  33. Great piece! My ex bought me Lean in on my birthday. Any Chimamanda is a good read…add Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am now waiting for your book but in the meantime i can do with Purple Hibscus, Margaret Thatcher’s memoir or Bossy pants. Good job Biko, the piece started somehow like ‘Room with a view’

  34. If there was a book authored by Bikozulu, I would gladly take it and sit tight. Otherwise, get me any other book and my flowers and chocolates still stand

  35. Now Biko i know where to get the 50 bob movies, but books i don’t. Care to share some bookstores i could visit and get myself acquainted.

  36. You might as well get her an ipad,… let her read lots ibooks for as low as a $4 or even free of charge. That is if your are an ebook person like me.
    Nice kick ass piece, Biko.

  37. Good piece. And as for e-books, I guess am a bit too old to start learning how to read them. This is how to enjoy reading a book: When done with a page, moist your thumb in the mouth and turn the next page. Nothing to beat the rustle of a page in your hand

  38. A book Valentine.. music to my ears. Give me a man who showers me with books over roses any day. Posts like this are why I still put up with you. 🙂

  39. Had to first share the link with my boyfriend (who doesn’t read your blog) because this is specifically written for the boys :-). He was quite impressed, first by your writing, and secondly that you have completely simplified his gift search for the year!!! a book will do any day any time……

  40. Brilliant piece!!! Biko .Thank you for been a book advocate! Had taken a break from reading books am going back in full swing. Asante 🙂 🙂

  41. Biko, you left out the best part of the shimmering ass…..the triangle … call it bermuda. The light caresses the insides of her thighs ever so gently ,whispering sweet breathy promises ,enticing her to part them just a little and voila a ray of light omundu strong blazes through illuminating this imperfect triangle, more like a heart between her thighs and her Netherlands…..and time stops.

  42. That’s the way to go Biko. Forget about chocolates and other fancied trivial items, books are a catch and glad that I have to add the above list onto my shelf on behalf of the girl..err..eeh..and me too.

  43. Bendiber, this project my employer has sponsored with various stakeholders took me to Kericho, we are building a computer lab in each of the 47 Counties in Kenya, to help our school kids embrace technology at an early age, you notice it’s still all about education and reading, I concur Kericho is town of tranquility and beauty where every inhabitant seems to be going about their business oblivious of the beauty that surrounds them.

    1. Hey Osano, now I’m involved in the running of a youth NGO and our are of specialization is education and career development for kids and the youth. I’m Impressed with what you guys are doing and perhaps we could share ideas on a number of things. Could you kindly get me your mail address or mail me on [email protected].

      And Biko, lovely lovely article as always. Such a motivation to some of us..

    1. Hey would you like us to exchange? I have half of a yellow sun and I would like to read Americanah. Hope you don’t mind

      1. Thanks, I will pay Yaya Center a visit.
        I am not a fan of e-books as I like to turn pages and smell books. Strange I know.

          1. Same. I like to turn the pages, underline phrases, go back to some chapters months later. Hard copy, anytime for me

  44. For akina us, the shallow readers…I suggest Alice Clapton’s Wallbanger or anything by Elizabeth Hoyt. Leave ‘Lean In’ for the women that have it together

        1. Magazines are too shallow, they require money, have a lot of pictures and they most of the time don’t tell a story. A good flighty novel on the other hand has a story that won’t make you think too hard on life, probably free online, requires only 5mbs of your device and will invariably enrich your vocabulary and teach a thing or two about random things like American football or Dublin or paint a rosy picture of Napoleon Bonapatre during the French Revolution. Think Mills and Boons on steroids. But you know, maybe it’s just me.

  45. You haven’t read any of Chimamanda’s books? Again? Aaaah man! Ok. I’d say we all have choices. Get Americana, you can go through the first chapter then decide if it is worth the read. I’d love to know what you think of her works.

  46. Brilliant writing Biko. My friend Olive Wachuka says that she sees part of me in the lady you are describing because I get so lost in my books and forget that I am in a roomful of people discussing different topics and then I start asking them “What were you saying?” Which pisses them off and they have branded me antisocial because of my books.

  47. nice one biko, although i would not recommend Adultery by paul coelho, its a complete bore, was for me, am on bossy pants now

  48. Biko you said Chimamanda’s words in Americanah..only in a different way.
    The General about his girlfriend…The first time I told her I was going to London and asked her what she wanted, she gave me a list. Before I looked at it, I said I already know what she wants. Is it not perfume, shoes, bag, watch and clothes? I know Lagos girls. But you know what was in it? One perfume and four books! I was shocked. Chai. I spent one good hour in that bookshop in Piccadilly, I bought her twenty books! Which Lagos babe do you know that will be asking for books? …

  49. I may be so late that I got locked out at the school gate but I have reported nevertheless.For the longest time no article beat ‘Room with a view’ but this right here Mr. Biko,is a serious every expression,every phrase.wonderful read

  50. Beautiful piece.There were bits of ‘me’ in it.Books are it!But reading is not for everyone,sadly.I wish they knew what they’re missing.Sometimes it feels like being part of a secret society…And a book has the power to take your mind to places…it has a wave of ‘cool’;my kind of cool.

    “When I get a little money,I buy a book.If any is left,I buy food and clothes…”-Erasmus.

    So,if he gets me a book this Valentines,that would help.At least I get to buy food and clothes in bulk,and that guy who delivers my books,misses my tips for a month…hehe

    One more thing,Biko.You conveniently forgot to mention how loyal books can be.You know,with most guys,the jerk factor is always a true concern.She left the bed with an unanswered question.This ‘Kevo’ guy just won’t answer the question of what he’s thinking…simple question.The girl has no trouble believing a book.It is all there,always loyal…

    This,I enjoyed reading,and boy!I hope he gets me a book.I can get myself anything else I please.

  51. i suggest a collection of the Chelsea handler books if she LOOOVES to laugh…and isnt so picky on the kind of literature she reads…so so funny if not funnier than Tina Fey’s bossy pants…am currently reading Life of Pi..sooo goood

  52. i never really appreciated literature till I was offered an attachment at the National library, even if its not igniting the mind its food for the soul now

  53. Hehehehee. “What are you thinking?” Dude, she wants to trap you into saying things, things like you do love her and actually intend to keep her! Great piece. Glad I have me a keeper of a shimmering one! Which is why buying them books will do good heart monitoring, huh? Cheers bro!

  54. Thats a wonderful list of nice books there.However,I would also recommend some glorious classics like ‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott,’Anna Karenina’ by Leo Tolstoy,’Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen,’Beloved’ and ‘The Bluest Eye’ by Toni Morrison.

  55. WOOOOOOOOW!!!!! This was my expression after reading this, and well i decided to look at the other posts and i fell in love…. am a lover of books and any good literal work, i get completely carried by a good read and Biko you are excellent one. Keep it up

  56. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma was my 2014 book. I took it to bed, to work, to restaurants, it is in my bag as we speak. I have read so many times that it is worn out and I think it is now smelling like me 🙂

  57. BIKO!!!! Can you please please post more often. I think I spend all day everyday just refreshing your page hoping you posted. You are controlling my life lol!! I

  58. But for the shimmering manenos and migwatos, both of which were new learnings, I have added a couple of books to my ‘To read’ list courtesy your recommendations and comments.
    Biko, your blog is more than the stories you share, it’s a meeting place for like minded people, a sharing platform. You bring us together-thank you.

  59. My husband is a fervent reader of this blog. Yesterday was my birthday. He bought me a book I’ve been flirting with. A book that has felt me slide my fingers on it, memorizing every ridge of its embossed title. It has heard me catch my breath and seen my lips part when I read the back cover. And for getting me that book, my man received a mega dose of grateful, shimmering ass. He thanks you.

  60. I absolutly enjoyed this piece…. funny enough, I dare say i got a book for valentines day.

    i am so subscribing to your blog.

  61. Posts like this are what I enjoy reading. You sound like you wrote it effortlessly. Loved reading and re-reading “Wear clean underwear”, “Knickers” and “How to bury a luo”.
    Your currents post are too long and I lose interest somewhere in the middle. Kudos.

  62. Wonderful piece.. both in prose and the idea behind it… Reading is my second love after God and therefore a man would have to come third…of course i would make him believe he is first! The books you have suggested are great.. Especially colour Purple, Yes i have great regard for feminist writers..

    Locally, I could suggest our own Margaret Ogola’s The river and the source… its amazing or even Mcgoyes coming to birth… Yes Chimamanda has never failed to deliver.The devil is in the details. She will make you see the world through her eyes and you will experience every emotion with such intensity… Roy Arudhati’s God of small things is wonderful… given that this is the only book that lets you experience loss from a child’s eyes…
    If you read my comments thinking am here to review the books , you are wrong… i just commented to share my views with the girls who read and not men who don’t appreciate girls who read….

    Other writers you may like are;
    – Terry Mc Millan- her books inlude; disappearing acts, a day late and a dollar short, How Stella got her groove back
    -Toni Morrison- Songs of solomon, The bluest eye, Beloved,
    -Dorris Lessing
    – Nardine Gordimer (Not sure of the spelling)

  63. I will do everything for a man who offers me AMERICANAH!!!! Chimananda BESt
    book ever! a muuuust read!!! Most of the women who read this … get deeply
    in love with Obinze…. Girls, you see what I mean 🙂

  64. This is an amazing piece Biko, nothing gets to me more than a book or a piece of literature like your blog he he he