Biko is away, again. (No, not the eyes. His white cane works just fine).

He is on one of those trips where he claims to have gone to hunt for stories but then posts pictures of a boat. Or water. Or a palm tree. Come to think of it, whenever he is out on one of those trips, he will taunt us with pictures of everything except his company (it’s definitely not Eddy). Ha!

But what do I know?

You might wonder, rightfully, why I (Gloriah) didn’t take advantage of the absence to give you one of my wonderful stories that you’ve all been having sleepless nights yearning for.

Truth is, I am still recovering from an interview rejection last Friday. (Turns out, “I want to see the pyramids for free” is not such a great way to answer the question: Why do you want to volunteer in Egypt?).

So, at the moment, I am really unable to do anything other than listen to angry songs or speeches calling for revolution.

Anyway, we apologize.

See you next week!

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  1. Gloriah! I see what you did there with chocolate man. We pardon or rather, I pardon you. Interview tip by the way, always pretend you care deeply about their cause and the world at large. Even if all you’re looking for is free tips. In the mean time though, quick recovery! Ps. Did you know yesterday was world contraception day?

  2. Oww! poor gloriah, the don didn’t tag you along?
    Here’s something you guys can read.. 🙂

  3. Awwwwww, I was so looking forward to a story. No sooner had I settled my ample behind comfortably to read, than it ended. Lol. Let me wait for next time. I feel you on the interview outcome, it’s never a great feeling. Better luck next time.

  4. Have always wished to know how Biko handled the case of the lass that resembled sweet Tenderoni. When will he be back?