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  1. The bachelors of Langata appreciate that mention up there.
    Also, here is a number of suggestions:
    1. Ian Sketch Arunga (of the Dear Doris fame, designs for Storymoja too)
    2. Edwin Ndegwa (designer at PVG)
    3. Felix desouza Warentho
    You can facebook them.

  2. Here we tell stories. We are creative and relaxed. We love cool things. We are urban without forgetting our African roots. Most importantly we are MINIMALIST. We don’t shout. We are simple and not brash. We are sexy and suave and urbane. And we need a logo that says all of that………………..

    Nuff said!

  3. Hahaha… if you you see a silhouette you’ll do what? Silhouettes are the new “it” thing in photography. All the best finding the one….

    1. As its been said, we insist. We are sexy and suave and urbane. And please when doing comparisons, try taking people from the same league ok bro? There is no way you compare the gang with a thug hehe 😀

  4. Ha! That guy called Ngash, I know him and that logo goes up on my birthday! Score! Another great read Biko. You get me all the time. And yes…may some girl ace it.

  5. Biko, why are you not looking for a girl? I am genuinely slighted, partly because I know would have loved your description of the designer girl.