Light It Up.


By Hanafi Kaka I Resident Geek

This smart, simple gadget is for those who have to bang copy at three in the morning, trying to turn simple words into complex sentences, and short paragraphs into sophisticated plots. ‘Transnighters’, like myself, who hate light as much as Rihanna loves weed –  but we still have to work even in the dark.

Hold up, you know what, it’s for everyone actually. We all need this thing.

I wish it had a sexier name. Like The Midnight Oil, or The Night Girl or MxD 20.5 something something. But it doesn’t. So it is what it is – an LED portable lamp. Sounds like something a fisherman in Lake Victoria would use, right? But not really. It’s a simple stick with an LED light at the end. You connect it via USB to your laptop and bend it every which way until your caps lock key is lit enough so you won’t have to curse every time you hit A when you want to spell Rihanna with a capital R.

It’s not one of those gizmos that need a special compartment in your laptop bag or a special drawer for it. It fits everywhere. You could even perform magic tricks with it. Slip it up your sleeve and just go “taraaaaaan! Magic!” My point: it’s not a giant street light.

You can get a variety of colors, but please don’t go for pink. I beg of you, Alejandro. Please, not pink. It goes for only 800 bob at Gadget World, ground floor, Garden City, so you can afford every other color BUT pink.

There already are some automatically lighting keyboards, like most HP comps, but for the rest of us who have to balance torches between our lips like handymen while typing in the dark, we need this. YOU need this.

Now, just leaning a bit to the geeky side of things, for those who care about all the specs:

Voltage: DC 5V, 1.2 Watts and the physical dimensions: 170 x 18.5 x 9 mm.

So you don’t have to ever get caught squinting into your keyboard at night or pulling in the monitor to see the letters.

Post Script (or is it an addendum?): I had not been abducted by aliens. I was just waiting for Di’Caprio to win an Oscar before getting my geek on again.

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  1. I say it again, your geek articles are for me…simple and easy to understand. More of such? Think about it 🙂

      1. Tabby, as a reader, you always begin by the title, author then content. Thank you. I’ll send my fee note for your kind settlement shortly.

  2. I got one for myself two months ago and i must say it is a good simple to use gadget. whenever power disappears at my place i connect it to my power bank and all good to go. It is definitely a must have.

  3. Nope hunney. Rihanna’s queue ends on the other side. Please proceed to the end of the line.
    I got my USB light stick from Jumia, and they seem to be cheaper; 600 bob. Here:
    1. Black: 600 bob –, 500 bob –
    2. Pink (Hehe):
    3. Blue:

  4. But that would make the light-up keyboard useless (HP keyboards have this feature) unless you are hand writing on the side, or having a drink.

  5. I need to get me one of that. I wish I could type without looking at the computer, but I can’t and I am a night owl. I wake when others are asleep to peck away at the keyboard in search of words that I can fashion into line. Good one Biko!!

  6. ‘Transnighters’…reminds me of my fourth year Kabare Girls transnighting with my feet a basin of cold water….Oh!The shivers and foot rot.

  7. Missed u Hanafi but i have been reading
    Hanafi Kaka has a thing for Rihanna and Biko Toni Braxton.

  8. Transnighters who hate light as much as Rihanna loves weed lol, I see what you did there Hanafi
    First comment ever yeeeiiiyyy!!!

  9. I need this in my life being a nocturnal writer and all.

  10. I love how you help us (me) discover stuff. I am so getting this for those random thoughts that finally click at 1am. I enjoy the simplicity with which you write! Good stuff Hanaf!

  11. Wow! A gadget for writers. Thank you Hanafi for remembering us. I now feel special. Hopefully, I will remember to buy this next time I’m in Nairobi.

  12. Beauty of the thing is that it works even when not on the comp so I can read my book in bed without lighting up the whole room

  13. This is absolutely Beautiful. I got these Kind from at an absolutely amazing price

  14. So someone gave me this *Thing * and showed me how to light it up. I didn’t know it was for my laptop, was wondering how i could use it to cook or go around the house looking for a candle then matchsticks , then dangle my laptop on my hand to light up the gas that will give life to my candle cause i did not get the matchsticks. I ended up buring the *Thing* at the back of the drawer in the kitchen that holds things i don’t know how to use but can’t trash it. And still had problems with typing when the light are out.
    Thank You, i will have to excavate the *thing* today.

  15. Very nice article, I think every freelancer should get this too because freelancers like working at night especially those who have clients from different parts of the world. Typing has now been made easier under the dark.