A Love Letter To Kidum


I have loved Kidum for years. Loved him because, for me, Kidum has always been genderless. Kidum, for me, has been a “thing.” A thing that brought joy. Kidum has always been a tune, a melody, a song of harvest. Of love. He’s a transcendent being. An extremely broad concept encompassing objective and subjective features of reality and existence. And his humanness, whatever that even means, has never been something I looked at in line with my own consciousness.

And there was a time when Kidum was like a raging bonfire that would never die; a musical fed by inflammable and beautifully arranged clefs, notes and rhythm. This was when he played at Psys bar in Langata every Sunday, way back before Psys became a graveyard of music. Sundays were – and still aren’t – the best days to go out, because it just cocked up your Monday. But I would drive through six roundabouts to get to Psys, to see the virtuoso himself, and when I got there I would find other faithfuls who had flocked the venue, a sardine-packed room, a church of Kidum.

He was musical scripture.

I would arrive early, at 7pm to get a seat right at the front even though Kidum would only hold court from about 10pm. You wouldn’t even see him take the stage, because he wasn’t human, remember? One moment you would be pouring your drink, the next he would be seated there, behind the drums. This was the time when drummers were the unknown people in a band.  But Kidum led all drummers to the Promised Land – or Psys, if you will. His Swahili was rubbish, and his English even worse, but who cared? He sang in a language that you couldn’t box. Girls loved him. Women adored him. And us, men, we crumbled at his feet sooner rather than later.

After settling behind his unremarkable looking drums, he would bring his lips to the microphone and start singing his track ‘Kwetu’; “Vile navioona, vile ninavyoishi” which is the best song ever sang, and the whole bar would plunge into a void infested with frenzy! People sang along. Everybody sang along. The musical tide that Kidum would create at Psys was something of a cult. Psys would turn into this place where men, possessed with something so beautiful and unfathomable, got up and sang with their eyes closed, men sang with their hands on their chests and sometimes on their women’s bodies, because Kidum inspired amour. I won’t even get into what Kidum did to the women. I won’t tell you the power Kidum had over the chicks in the room. I mean, if Kidum stopped his music in the middle of it, and walked off the stage and came and touched your woman on the forehead she would probably say, “I will give you a baby Kidum, a chubby little Kibido.”

And when the men were not going gaga over Kidum, they were going gaga over Sheila, his former lead singer. Sheila with her fitting dresses and curvaceous body. Caramel-skinned Sheila with a voice of a teenage bird. Sheila who brought contentment to our hearts with her voice and optical satisfaction to our eyes with her attire. Sheila who when standing in her high heels had her chest pointed at the moon. Men who loved boobs would go back home after looking at Sheila’s chest and sleep with their mouths open that night.

Then some days he would play at Rafikiz next door – before 1824 came along and knocked the wind out of its sail. I was also there on those days. And when he moved to Kengeles in Nairobi West I followed him. I followed him and waited even when he never showed up, when the room filled and someone said he wouldn’t be coming in and they served mshikaki as if that would heal our disappointment. Even when he started playing at Oakley Base in Kilimani – that grungy place with dodgy looking women with mouths constantly shaped into commas – I followed him.

The funny thing is that I never liked him much as a person. I interviewed him twice at the very height of his euphoria and I thought, “What a dingbat.” He was brash and lofty but then I was so intoxicated with his music that he would have had to steal my children for me to wake up from it. His PR machinery – if it was there at all – was terrible but truth be told, he didn’t need a PR machine. He was Kidum. His PR was his voice, his drums and Sheila. Of course I realized that it was my mistake anyway, that you can never really objectively interview someone you adore without losing objectivity. It’s like lending money to a chick you are chasing. That’s not a loan, that’s a donation. Social tithe.  You can’t get too precious about it.

I think I woke up one morning and realized that Kidum had turned me into a goddamn groupie. You should have seen me during those interviews asking him such novice, mundane and embarrassing questions that obviously wasted his time. Questions like, “What inspires you to sing?” or even worse, “What do you do for fun?” Mediocrity galore. And when I sat down to write the interview it was gushy and I wasted countless words talking about his goddamn hat like it was the tablet with the Ten Commandments written on it.

But I still loved him. And I still followed him.

I once saw him perform at some Johnnie Walker function at Tamasha. Must have been in 2010 or 2011, I’m not sure but I  know my mom had not passed then. They set up a large stage outside. I remember that day I was meeting my 1,000th follower, some pretty boy with relationship issues. Up on the stage Kidum sang with Atemi, who had a voice that had an ass on it. I watched Kidum up there, singing so heartlessly beautifully and dancing like a baby hippo and I marveled at how he owned the stage. Kidum walked onto the stage and there was no doubt that the stage was his. No doubt that he was born there and he lost his milk teeth and virginity there, that on the stage he became a man and a god in our hearts.

A month ago I was at Uptown Lounge on Kilimani Road (decent place. Sit upstairs). I was with my cousin, Yuanita, having a tipple and Millie, the manager, told me that Kidum played there every Tuesday. What! I was overjoyed. I hadn’t watched him play in two or three years. I had lost touch with his music. So one Tuesday I went there with some friends. We were told that he would start playing at 8pm. We sat at the bar and waited. At 8pm the band came on and I was surprised to see Sheila since she had left their Boda Boda Band at some point. She looked different. Her voice still sparked and combusted anything it came into contact with, but she looked sort of deflated – almost domesticated. She looked like a candle fighting to stay alight against a harsh wind. Broke my heart.

By 9pm Kidum hadn’t taken stage. At some point I called over one of their singers, Linet, and asked her what had been happening to the band and she said, well, you should talk to the boss himself. So she took me to Kidum who was in a full grey tracksuit and had just landed from Amsterdam which he endearingly referred to as ‘ngambo’. “Nimeingia kutoka ngambo,” he said. (Hehe, who comes up with some swahili words.) I reintroduced myself then made small talk about his music. Apparently he has an album out. He didn’t have copies of the cd with him, though. Smooth.

Anyway, I went back to my seat at the bar and waited. He didn’t start performing until shortly after 10pm – two hours later! Then he performed two of his songs; Imara and Mulika Mwizi, I think. His voice still had the ability to awaken the comatose but then only realized he wasn’t singing when we noticed that the band was playing other renditions that weren’t his. When we checked, indeed, he wasn’t even at his drums. He had wandered to a table outside and was chatting with someone, a glass in hand. That was enough, really. So we paid and left at 10.30pm because we realized he wasn’t taking that gig seriously – and by extension, not appreciating, us, his audience, who were staying up late on a Tuesday just for him.

Here is what will happen, Kidum. One day I will wake up and I will have gotten over you. I will have moved on and gotten someone who actually gives a hoot because loving you is like being in an emotionally abusive relationship. It gets lonely. It always feels like I’m the only one who is interested in this this working. (Hehe). I feel that even though I have invested emotions into this through the years and followed you to wherever you played, even the backwater places, you have refused to invest back. You still play the same songs that we loved – and still love – many years ago. Sometimes you show up, sometimes you don’t. (You bounced me once at Uptown). And it’s tragic that even when you show up I realize that you haven’t really even showed up. It always feels like being on a date with someone who is constantly on their phone.

A day is coming Kidum that you will sing your voice hoarse and I will not be moved. You will sing “mapenzi ya fujo hayafai” but you might as well be singing an Arabic hit because I will have said “enough”, you will sing “Imara” but I will have moved on to someone who actually shows up and keeps both of his hands on deck. Then you will miss me. Oh you will. You will wish for those good old days at Psys, Langata when we all rocked up for you and we all stood up and closed our eyes in your honour as you torched our hearts with your irrepressible and wonderful talent. So keep keeping us waiting and keep playing us two songs as if they are alms.

But for now, right at this moment I’m still batting for you, albeit with stiff muscles. I will still get onto a leaking boat and cross a hippo-infested river to watch you perform “Kwetu.” Hell, I will even stand watching you dance.

But very soon I will ask you: where is this relationship going, Kibido?


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  1. Kidum, I have loved that man’s music in and out of time. Right from his collabo with Juliana Kanyomozi, Haturudi Nyuma. Him with his bald head, three kwonje shorts, sneakers (always) and a Tshirt as big as his voice. Listened to him at Rangers, before KWS shut it down.

    Wacha we go to Uptown and see what he does. Otherwise tutarudi nyuma

    1. Yes I remember rangers, this guy would turn up that place those days and it was lovely.Hope he reads this and understands what he is doing to his followers.

    2. “There are two means of refuge from the misery of life — music and cats.”
      ― Albert Schweitzer
      Music hits an you sometimes you shake that butt, sometimes you close those eyes and hold your chest, other times you just cur up between the notes and escape loneliness. It simply moves all of us but in different ways. It is a language we all understand. Last week I saw this clip of a mom singing Chris Tomlin’s Good Good Father to her child who can barely speak and the kid cried! (you should check it out btw). Where words stop music starts. When Kidum songs Mapenzi ya fujo you’ll ascertain all I have said. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa 🙂

      1. I’ve just watched that youtube video of the mom singing and the baby crying. I was fighting back tears! What if that baby actually knew what the mom was singing about? You never know!

    3. Haiya…si we all go to uptown today and support Kidum….some sort of protest that he should style up. Maybe that will bring back the good old Kidum.

  2. Finally dudes love this guy..its been female dominated affair.Back in the days, le girlfriend wanted to see Kidum every Friday at Tamasha. I never got the hang of it till she got tired.

  3. Hehehe! I can’t this ginene —-> “Men who loved boobs would go back home after looking at Sheila’s chest and sleep with their mouths open that night.”
    Nice read boss. This week you should post two pieces to compensate last week.

  4. Biko; my live for you; oh it grows and grows; I love kiddum and was a crazy follower been the uncool campus chic who wanted to go watch kiddum at Kengeles rather than go to crooked q; he needs to up his game,

  5. This could be my story too. I used to be a Kidum groupie. I remember him during his humble days when he was just starting out and was thirsty for success. Then the relationship became abusive. Unrequited love. I moves on and dont even play my old Kidum CDs anymore

  6. Finally am commenting and am not the first dude so will actually hit send. I came to learn of Kidum in 2010 came home and my sis kiddos were playing Greedy with nameless all the way to Shaggs. It was a whole Kidum CD that I managed to either steal or coerce my brother in law to to give me. I lost it in 2014.Not the lyric where he so mad to a chic for.. ‘na kukusifu kwa wazazi… how deep could you get? I digress, and actually forgot my point

  7. Oh Kidum…..do not spoil the relationship but for now you are still the main dog! I have always wondered why why artists advertise that a gig will start at 8.00pm only for one to wait till midnight!

  8. that grungy place with dodgy looking women with mouths constantly shaped into commas ..found myself trying to shape mine like a comma just so i can get that line.Nice read as always.

  9. I have loved the mans music ever since.Biko,you can never stop adoring him and his music,I tried it before,it never did work,ever.It is like your first love

  10. “Here is what will happen, Kidum. One day I will wake up and I will have gotten over you. I will have moved on and gotten someone who actually gives a hoot because loving you is like being in an emotionally abusive relationship. It gets lonely. It always feels like I’m the only one who is interested in this this working. (Hehe).”
    Sounds like something I could say to someone somewhere. sigh…Thank God Biko is back…

  11. I must say I miss the guy too, really. But my all time favourite is Namba Moja! He can really touch a heart!

  12. Biko, last week i sat on my desk as usual waiting for that [New Post] on tuesday. It never came through, i checked again on wednesday – Nothing! i never gave up. went to Fb, twitter and IG to see what you’ve been upto. You know what was on my mind? “Where is this going, Jackson? hehe i liked todays post as usual.

  13. This open letter should be copied to all musicians but of cause not Emma Jalamo who starts his shows at 6pm and end at 6am. Hehehe

  14. I think I should rant too.Kibido, I have been singing your songs in a band since 2011 and got away with some girls. In 2016 I have to wail like Ed Sheeran to move a heart. Please come back.

  15. A good personality is better than anything else pple bring to a relationship. You may love someone becoz of their boobs or ass or hair and then one day u wake up and the same things that made them attractive, now piss u off. One day u will listen to kidum in 2017 sing about ‘Haturudi Nyuma’and u will feel stuck in a hole. A gud personality (being thoughtful and kind even when famous) is what stands the test of time.

  16. Finally…about time someone told him! I remember the no-shows in Kengeles and recently i took my ass to Brew and sat there from 7.30 only for him to start performing at 9.30 on a Wednesday. And truth is it wasn’t even close to what it was back in the day, the old family moved on from this madharau, about time you respected yourself and did the same Biko 🙂

  17. Kidum will soon be out of the industry. Its like a flower remember. But to those that love his music, they will cling on to the CDs and make sure the rendition lives on.

  18. I have loved Kidums music ever since I cleared High School.
    Ubuhamya & Ubushikiraganji. Men you should listen to those 2 jams, regardless of whether you do or do not speak Kinyarwanda

  19. I always thought that it was only me who had a thing about Kidum. I am relieved. Biko, if you try mute on us again, we will start asking the same question – where is this thing going?

  20. Sheila, glad you commended her, would have been unfair if you had not.Psyz Lang’ata was the real joint. Friday’s was as much hype as was Sunday. The bar I had my first fist fight with a dude. The bouncers saved the moment though. I wanted to wrap that guy Like Tyson style

  21. He better style up before you ask him where the relationship is headed! But i bet it will be better you asking him other than a chic!

  22. crisp writing. cool stuff.
    And here is my blog for those who were asking for more of my writing; http://wp.me/P7kkxT-m

  23. Finally someone has told Kidum what he should have been told many years ago…..We love(d) his music but he barely showed up to any gig that he is invited to!! He will one day wake up and Ala……We will all be over him(if not already)….but it’s none of my business! hihi

  24. wauh Biko, i just admire the passion in your writing, now i feel you are my Kidum in the writing world, keep on keeping on, don’t treat us like Kidum is currently doing to you in the music world.

  25. Chocolate man,this relationship of ours is not working. last week you kept me parking, I kept looking at my emails every two seconds waiting for a notification that you (Magunga) had posted on the blog. I feel you owe me an apology and a second post

  26. He has a new album? Really?? With which songs? Coz I haven’t heard any new music from him in like 3 years……and this is from someone who has 3 of his albums already

  27. First, i really missed you Biko! I kept refreshing the site to see whether I had missed something. For a whole week! Please don’t do that to us again. Just don’t. Second, I hope Kidum gets this message. It’s a high time he did something yawa, tho!

    1. Me too Faith, I thought the problem was on my end. I’m new here and I kept thinking…does this happen alot? Made me sad and i wished I knew someone here to confirm all was well. This week it’s Yaaay! I’m staying put!!!

  28. kuhesabu ni mara ngapi nimekosa nikama kuhesabu ni mara ngapi mtoto kaharibu nappy.
    That line oh my oh my.

  29. nice read Chocolate man,,,,at least now you can relate with how we felt last Tuesday when you didn’t post anything for the gang:-)

  30. Last week, I almost wrote you a love letter Biko. You never leave the gang without a piece of art religiously every Tuesday. Never pull a Kidum on us!

  31. The situation can be salvaged before it getsout of control…although in this case it looks like it could be a little too late
    Meanwhile Check out —->> www.sunsetinafrica.com

  32. Hehehe, you have a thing for hippos…dancing like a baby hippo (LOL!), hippo infested waters…seems like you have been watching Madagascar.

  33. I always loved Kidum too..something about his words,believe i’d be on that leaking boat with u watching Kidum dance like baby hippo hehe

  34. Hihihi… You kept us waiting for like a week only to write bout how kidum heartbreaking you!! Karma is a… Anyway kidum hop you got this n Biko keep us waiting and we will ‘kidum’ you… Nice article btw

  35. True chocolate man speak atleast . But he should definitely do something about his choices yawa. Pride comes before a fall lol….

  36. Well seems I wasn’t alone in this love, first loved Kidum at Psys….a bit of rangers….got addicted at Rafiki’s, Kengeles and even the current XS Millionaire then to town at Heritage, even drove all the way to Reminisce, danced, made memories. Then recently watched him at Brew Bistro and knew this love was great when we were young to quote Adele….what the band did was a pale shadow of a kidum performance and yes saw Sheila….this was not what made me transverse the night car or car less…till 2am making me the 3am man, with kidum playing in da back of my head as I got home…..It was nice when it lasted………..

  37. That guy.. He always made the air waved twist and abruptly stop. But for now am not sure. Good stuff Bikozulu!

  38. Oh Kidum, He should just forget everything and sing till Jesus comes back and finds him singing about the end day! With a voice like his, if he sang ‘Drink Vaseline for life’.. I would still love it or if he just stood there and breathed into the microphone.. I would still love his voice! He should read this, he is hurting many of us!!

  39. you too sir last week u kept me waiting checking mail every five minutes even checking the calender if i got my tuesday wrong pliz dnt kidum us too

  40. I like Kidum, … but this interests me “…One day I will wake up
    and I will have gotten over you. I will have moved on and gotten
    someone who actually gives a hoot because loving you is like being
    in an emotionally abusive relationship. It gets lonely.
    It always feels like I’m the only one who is interested in this…”.
    Ladies there!

  41. Music has power. At some point I was an addict of Techno music. I though I was crazy because no Kenyans sing Techno and so I had to listen to a lot of Western music. Then I got over it and crossed to Rhumba. Then came HipHop. Then came Okuyu songs. Funny thing is that each of this made me feel some type of way – in a good way. I like Kidum too but he is fading from the local scene – going out like a hero after winning some contest. Only a hero makes “men, possessed with something so beautiful and unfathomable, get up and sing with their eyes closed, to sing with their hands on their chests and sometimes on their women’s bodies”

  42. Reminds me of my campus boyfriend,one of us loved more than the other,but one day I WOKE UP.
    I still cant believe I Wasted 4 years ,Unrequited love is a bitch.
    Chocolate man,move on somethings you can’t get back.

  43. Reminds me of my campus boyfriend,one of us loved more than the other,but one day I WOKE UP.
    I still cant believe I Wasted 4 years ,Unrequited love is a bitch.
    Chocolate man,move on some things you can’t get back.

  44. This time Biko you have taken me way back….. Finally I get to know something that we once had in common (I lost the love after too many disappointments). Did you forget Rangers Restaurant at the National park on Saturdays? Rafikiz used to be on Wednesdays if am not wrong then Psys on Sunday. That is where my love relationship with Kidum started. I would drive all the way from the other side of town just because of him. My week would not be complete if I had not attended at least two or three of his performances. I adored him and yes the lovely Sheila then did not disappoint. we even made acquittances and her and Linet would even book seats at strategic places in the different venues for me and my friends well until the same things you mention on your posts started happening. Sometimes he would not show up at all, when he did he would start performing 2 or 3 hours late. The worst was when he would show up late do 2 songs as you said then disappear. Then the worst happened. Sheila left the band (I hear she went in search of greener pastures in the middle east – Didn’t even know she is back) and at this point we could not bear the heart breaks anymore so we hang our boots and quit. However since I still loved his music I simply bought his best albums and added to my music library and now any time I can listen in the comfort of my car or house. So Biko take heart cos you are not alone on this. We are many!

    1. Oh on another note I thought I had found a new love last year when I met Sir Elvis – him of the country music fame. Started doing the same thing of following him wherever he was performing cos I love country music but more so his renditions. But he also displayed some Kidum characteristics of starting performances late especially at Reminisce on Sundays. How does a 4pm performance start at 7PM surely? maybe Biko you should make sure all these artists read this post!

  45. Hahahaha I thought I was the only one with #KidumIssues I’m in good company it seems! The man is “special” He can mobilize all the emotions in your being all at the same time… Be infuriating and lovable all at once! But I got off the Kidum bus after one too many No Shows! No more live Kidum performances for me… I want to remember the good times only 🙂

  46. Biko you bounceđ me last week ….i kept checking but there was nothing. I even asked if Biko has given up writing and my friend said maybe you have gone to a hotel in Karachuonyo that has no Wifi. This is a great read and hope Kiďum gets to read this…

  47. unlike kidum when you write you have both hands on the deck/keyboard.You pour your heart and mind into it.I love you too Biko. I could even let my phone be charged with a funny looking charger from China, so I don’t miss to read this.

  48. There was a guy who had a stall just next to Tuskys BebaBeba around Khoja and he would play the Kudum album religiously EVERY morning for about a month!! I would pass there every morning on my way to work. It was crazy. I think at some point he even got interviewed about it by some radio station and he said he was crazy about the songs…that they spoke to him. I wonder what he would say to Kidum’s latest antics??!

  49. Hahahaha. I will make a point to go see his performance. I hope that the contents of this letter serve as a wake up call for Kidum.

  50. Kidum Kibido! I remember how he stole the light from Ali Kiba at koroga. He gained new fans there. I used to follow him at kengeles, rangers, psys langata and even rafikiz. Groupie numero Uno

  51. Biko next time you ‘forget’ to post on a Tuesday please read this : One day I will wake up and I will have gotten over you. I will have moved on and gotten someone who actually gives a hoot because loving you is like being in an emotionally abusive relationship. It gets lonely. It always feels like I’m the only one who is interested in this this working. (Hehe). I feel that even though I have invested emotions into this through the years and followed you to wherever you played, even the backwater places, you have refused to invest back….because that is how I will be feeling

  52. I love his music too but i hope he understands your message. I hope he reads in-between the lines because the message is to him and many other celebs who let the fame get over their heads and forget who put them their in the first place.

  53. Biko, you mean you did not sleep with your mouth open after watching Sheila this time? Poor Sheila. Stick to Tony… Oh Tony!

  54. You have stolen the words right from my lips! I have had to deal with him managing a restaurant in Lavington where he was supposed to perform every Thursday but clearly this Amsterdam vibe started kitambo! Band was always late, he was always last to arrive and spent most of the evening doing other people’s songs. Managing himself, being the drummer and lead singer all in one just didn’t work!

  55. Biko.Consider this book writing suggestion seriously. Or just compile your best hits into a short stories book. Excellent writing as always. Not a Kidum groupie but I love his music. It is sad to hear he slacked off.

  56. A day is coming Biko that you will write your heart out and I will not be moved. You will write about Tamms and whisky and where it is you are watching the sunset from but you might as well be writing in Arabic because I will have said “enough”, you will sing write but I will have moved on to someone who actually shows up and writes weekly. Then you will miss me. Oh you will. You will wish for those good old days at the High school, when we all rocked up for you and we stayed awake reading and rereading your blog and commenting and telling each other off in the comments section all in your honor as you torched our hearts with your irrepressible and wonderful talent. So keep keeping us waiting and keep writing us once in every two weeks as if they are alms. Love you Biko 🙂

  57. Biko, not long ago, you din’t do a story koz some mamaz advised you the story wasn’t cool. And then last week….where is this headed? We want a second post to counter all that

  58. Kama ni mapenzi, ya kuniudhi kila saa……..
    …..those words ring true all the time, i have fallen in love and fallen out of love with girlfriends, but still haven’t stopped falling in love with Kidum’s music ever since i saw him play at pavement in Westlands back in 1998 while still with Calabash? am not that old. i have crossed town to see Kidum and used to go to all his gigs from Sunday to Tuesday, only missed mondays coz of fatigue.
    Through the years, we have become good friends, I feel for the fans when he missed a gig or showed up late, but still had that hope and confidence that he would show up and make a better performance – Till today.
    Kidum’s fans Big-up, Support him by going to his shows, buy his music and for sure he will not disappoint after reading this………Tukutane Kengeles hii Friday!!!!!
    Viva Jean Pierre Nimbona

  59. One less headache for me. Never was a Kidum fan,wasn’t quite moved by his music.

    Wish i could say the same about Sauti Sol though but i can’t. I was craaaayze about their music when it was all about values-love- Java,kicking corruption – Blue Unifrom,sticking by your guy – Coming Home,studying – Soma but these days smh! I give up with all the shaky your bumbum and Range Rover and Nishike……I moved on

  60. In Dec 2015 Kidum kept us waiting at Club Euphoria~Machakos till 11PM, for a show that was to start at 9PM. Most of the time they played his music as he lip synced. All this while he was sipping whiskey at patron tables

  61. No doubt, Kidum has great talent…and it was about time someone pointed the finger because every great talent needs to be refreshed in order to stay relevant and lovable. I hope he reads this too

  62. Oh! Kidum, did fame get into your head? Please cut the links of whatever has made you neglect this relationship!! I have all your music.It is timeless! No one will sing like you, your voice and lyrics, no one will! Wish you can realize this as soon as possible before things happen, and because they do happen I know that once you read this love letter, you will know that you are still warm in our hearts. That is in the mean time!je t’aime Kibido!

  63. I love Kidum as much as the next guy,but that Kibido name really cracks me up.It’s a bit childish I know,but it gets me every time.

  64. I hear has become a diva. I am not surprised at this post.
    Someone should tell him, pride comes before a fall.

  65. I had to go through the bikozulu “rubble” after reading Love Letter to Kidum. Here’s what I got:

  66. Kibido…. hehehe hahaha! I’ve been in such an abusive relationship once or twice, or thrice, okay, I’ll stop at four. Four being currently. Do not lie to yourself that you will move on. There is never moving on. One day you will sit on a couch and your wife will whistle his song and you will feel that pain in your heart Kibido..

  67. Fantastic piece. I’ve been wondering where he disappeared to. Bounced him a couple of times at Kengeles and moved on. I still listen to his music, especially Tiba almost daily. Top 3 played on my iTunes player at work. Kidum, I hope you are reading this.

  68. Hello friends and fans!!
    I usually don’t do this but I felt it’s important that a write this to rectify what looks like a little misunderstanding, after reading a letter/article entittled “A LOVE LETTER TO KIDUM”.
    First of all, let me thank the author who took the time to write and remind me of my humble debuts, back when I was regularly playing at Psys and other places, and later on at Kengeles and so on… Reading this also reminded me that sometimes we, artists, don’t get the opportunity to show how much we appreciate our fans and that can understandably lead to frustrations for some of you.
    It also touched me to see how much the author, not only knows my work inside out, but also stayed faithful over the years, following me wherever I was playing around Nairobi. I can really see that the love is there and I really appreciate it and I say thank you to him as well as to all of you my fans who did not write me a “love letter”.
    But at the same time, it transpired through this “letter” that my fan is upset about something and it got me a bit confused. I treat all my fans equally and with the outmost respect because if it was not for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. In fact there wouldn’t even be any point for me to make music. I write songs and sing them for YOU my fans!!!
    Now here’s the thing. Whenever there’s a show, there’s what you see (me on the stage) and what you don’t see. If something goes wrong I can understand that you get upset and take it out on me, but I don’t put together shows. There are promoters who deal with it. Believe me, whenever something goes wrong, the first person to be upset is myself because if there’s something I hate in my profession is to upset my fans, and that’s for the respect I have for music which is my life, my job and my soul. I would never disrespect a fan, never in my life. Those of you who get to interact with me know it best. I get along with everybody, I’m an easy going chap!
    A lot of things have changed since back when I was playing at Psys. I have gone international and my fans are all over the world. I have to do my best to bring my performances to you all. Wherever I go, my fans wish I could stay and give them more but I can’t. I have to reach others too in other parts of the world.
    My fan in his “love letter” feels like he lost me. But let me assure him that all what happened is that he had to have to share me with all of you around the world, but as long as he can still listen to my music, I will always be there. Understandably I can’t be everywhere at the same time, but know that I carry you, my fans, with me in all my journeys and through my music, we’re always connected. No one loses, we all gain!! To love and music, God bless you all!

  69. Oh my God, you have said what many of us didnt want to put down in righting….torn in between his alluring beautiful music and yet the constant let downs…..Toxic relationship I tell you

  70. Mr. Chocolate Man, One can say the same about you. Just like Kidum, you have neglected us readers. We are now down to one post or less a week.

  71. Kidum, wait until he says he has no limits with child bearing, his wife must be at the 10th and with Kidum haturudi nyuma, twasonga mbele, love his genre anyway.

  72. So this is me 2017 and i can officially say i fell out of love from Kidum years ago. I hope and believe you did too.
    Ps. I discovered your blog recently and am officially stalking you.