Holiday Note


There is no post today because of very many reasons, none that is because of this wintry weather. There is no post because my third book took me away from writing anything much last week. I’m trying to tie it in a red ribbon, so I have put most things aside and hunkered down to get it as close to the end (which I don’t know) as possible. 

Over the last week I’ve written some beautiful paragraphs but also some truly terrible ones. Ironically it’s the terrible paragraphs that I can’t get over. It’s like how a mother loves the most errant of her children, how she fights for them and offers them grace and never ever gives up on them. It’s daunting, of course and it sucks your marrow. But it’s also greatly satisfying. To wonder what the hell you are going to do with this main character. Do you maim him, do you take away his soul, do you bring loathing to him. Do you kill him? 

So my head is buried there, in the final pages of this third book. I’m not coming out to breath. So bare with me this week. 


Keep warm and happy holidays tomorrow. I hope you all get bored out of your minds or have monumental hangovers, seeing as some of us will be in the trenches. 

Until next week, Gang. 

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  1. Biko did you know “Otherwise” is a complete greeting where I come from? You must have lived/ live with people from the mountain. Those ones who punished Uhunye to go and wallow in poverty huko Ichaweri. Those ones who said they would swear in their 5th even with CRE text books. But right now it is licking us in groups and packs.
    A: Yes?
    B: Yeah.
    A: Otherwise
    B: Aca gutiri na uuru, no Hasura gutuhenia ta ciana meni.

  2. The phrase is “bear with me”, I doubt even your proof-reader would like to do otherwise.
    Bury away, let not our weekly dose of vital literary minerals and vitamins stop you, sob sob, in any case, literary marasmus, kwashiarkor and scurvies can easily be recovered, or can’t they?

  3. No Biko. You don’t get away that easy.
    Some of us might just start that third book from the back.
    Can’t wait for the release. Bests

  4. I beg to rant….Biko you are a scam, you are a fraud, I was looking forward to the winter wintering with a good read

  5. We love you too Biko.

    I am loooking forward to your third book!! I read “drunk” while on holiday in Diani many moons ago. I am going to need a holiday to read this third book!! Please be nice to the main character 🙂

  6. Thanks for the brief. It builds our anticipation. Nimekwama hapo kwa mothers loving their most errant child. It’s true.

  7. A third book?!!
    Aki Baldy I really hope this one is not going to be a cliffhanger like the rest. Who am I kidding? I’m excited.
    I don’t care if it’s going to be a cliffhanger. Mimi bora you’re writing another book.
    Look at you, on your 3rd book yet some years back you thought you were not made to write books.

    This announcement has made me so happy.
    Can’t wait

  8. More power to you Biko! Admitting that a piece didn’t come together as expected and doing it with a classy choice of words is an extra ordinary combo. Come back stronger! …and to more books

    Also, how can one access your books from a different country?

  9. can’t wait for your book….keep warm we wouldn’t want you catching a cold and delaying your book… eagerly waiting also for the stories. happy Furahi day to you all.